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Aritar: An Ideal Destination for Ecotourism

Located at the height of 4600 ft in Sikkim, Aritar or Arhitar is one of the most significant travel hotspots in Eastern Himalayan range. It is an idyllic tourist destination amid snow-fed mountains. The place looks attractive during autumn. Colourful flowers and beautiful forests have made the land an ideal sanctuary for many migrated birds. Various types of birds come here round the year. With plenty of flowers and trees, it offers an amazing atmosphere and unforgettable natural beauty.

Zuluk: A Complete Travel Guide

Located at a height of around 10000 ft, Zuluk is one of the sought after travel destinations in Sikkim (India). People like to call it a heavenly abode for its perfect natural setting. This beautiful hamlet is very close to Indo-China border. This pristine paradise offers plenty of tourist attractions. Perched on the rough terrain of the Himalayas in East Sikkim, Zuluk looks like an emerald beauty dotted with snow-capped mountains. During winter time, the mountain trails look like silver bands. It is worthy to mention here that the travellers need the inner line permit to take a trip at Zuluk. It is an ideal tourist hotspot for those who like picturesque landscape, beautiful natural setting and serene atmosphere. Zuluk is a comparatively new offbeat travel destination to offer a primitive charm of Sikkim.

Pay a Visit to Sillery Gaon for a Memorable Vacation Spending

If you go to travel Darjeeling, do not forget to pay a visit at Sillery Gaon, a small village surrounded by beautiful pine trees from all sides. Local people like to call it New Darjeeling. Situated at a height of about 6000 ft, this pristine green sleepy village offers the travelers many beauty options to enjoy with their hearts’ content. Nestled amidst granaries and forests, Sillary Gayon offers a wonderful view of the Kanchendzonga (the third highest peak in the globe). Anyone who looks Kanchendzonga from ‘The Sillery Sojourn’ becomes speechless with its incredible views and stunning picturesque landscape.

Gnathang Valley – The Pristine Paradise of Eastern Himalaya

Gnathang Valley or Nathang Valley (as it is called) is a high-altitude plateau situated at the height of 13,500 ft. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains from all sides, Gnathang Valley offers a mesmerising view of Mt. Khanchendzongha (the third highest peak in the world). This is probably the highest place in India to travel and spend your time leisurely. This is the right place to enjoy the majestic beauty of Eastern Himalaya. Make a lifelong experience of watching sunrise and sunset from here. One can easily get to see the Chinese Watch Towers from here in his naked eyes. This is the ideal place of leisure spending. There is a small village offering people a beautiful scope of living under the bare face of heaven. Needless to say, climate of this place becomes extreme during the winter. If you come here during this season, you must come with warm clothes to fight against the chilling wintry wind. The entire areas get covered with snow, ice and fog. Therefore, time selection is very important for taking a trip here. Travellers should avoid the time span from December to February.

Costa Rica Snorkeling

Well my new favorite hobby here in Costa Rica is snorkeling and before you say oh geez what a tame hobby let me add a little color. Snorkeling in Costa Rica is not just about putting on some mask and fins and looking around.

Breathtaking Beaches and Fascinating Festivals of Oman

In recent years, Oman has witnessed an increase in tourism due to the efforts of its government. Tourists from all over the world teem to attend its colorful festivals that take place throughout the year as well as experience the natural beauty of its beaches, deserts and valleys.

Denver Colorado Rafting – Clear Creek River Whitewater

Planning a Denver Colorado rafting adventure on Clear Creek. Colorado summer vacation activities near Denver. Rafting on Clear Creek.

The Turkish Coastal Town of Kusadasi

Kusadasi is not just a coastal town in the Aegean Sea; it is also a very popular tourist resort in Turkey. Located specifically in the Ayudin Province, the island receives thousands of visitors especially those coming from Northern and Western Europe.

Hiroshima – The Center of Peace in Japan

Located in the Japanese region of Chugoku, Hiroshima will be forever known to the world as the city where the first atomic bomb was dropped. And although the release of the atomic bomb is an unfortunate event in history; today, the city reminds us of the cruelties of war and the immeasurable value of peace.

Take a Journey Along Silk Route and Explore Breathtaking Beauties

Almost all men like to travel beautiful travel destinations. They are interested in exploring the places of attractions there. They like to go out for enjoying picturesque landscape, beautiful countryside and wonderful natural phenomenon. Getting around beautiful places and partaking in pleasure activities is really a fun experience for every traveler. One can hardly forget the memorable moments of those days till his doomsday.

The Green Tortoise Adventure: From San Francisco to Exciting Places

This was exactly what I was looking for, in particular as a student who is forced to prefer the shoe-string budget solution. Starting off in San Francisco, where I spent a lovely time with Duncan – another foreign student from GB, – I needed to head for the local station, in order to catch this extraordinary bus in time. Reaching the site, I encountered a bunch of people coming from all kinds of various states and countries. There was quite a mixture of young and old fellows, ranging from several Germans, a few French, two Australians, one British guy, a Japanese student to an interesting old woman in the late 70’s.

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