Chicks With Sticks – Bikini Girls Spearfishing For The First Time

Sumatra: An Untouched Paradise Full of Adventure

Unlike its neighbouring islands Bali or Java, Sumatra doesn’t attract a lot of travellers and even though this is exactly what drew me to the island, it’s hard to understand why. It’s the largest island in Indonesia and it has plenty to offer; jungles, orangutangs, elephants, volcanos, waterfalls,..

Why Cairo Is The Hot New Foodie Destination

The Egyptian capital is home to foodies from all over the world and thus if you have dreamt of diving on to a plate that is heaped with macaroni bechamel then you are at the right place. There are tones of dishes that can be found in the country because which are unexpectedly tasty. Right from local variation of many Italian classics that are baked and smothered with bechamel sauce to a lot more, can be expected

6 of the Best Waves in the Mentawai Islands

Very few surf destinations boggle the mind quite like the Mentawai Islands do. Known in the surf world for its picture-perfect waves, the main season runs from April until October, when you can expect the biggest and best conditions.

Ramakalmedu Viewpoint

Ramakalmedu is a hillstation and stands at a height of 3,500 ft above sea level. Ramakalmedu offering panoramic view of hills and picturesque view of villages of Tamilandu. Ramakalmedu access by Thekkady – Munnar route Ramakalmedu include places like frog rock, turtle rock and the highest twin-statue in Kerala; called kuravan and kurathi.

The Camino De Santiago and the New Possibilities to Make an Unforgettable Experience

Why do the Camino de Santiago? Here is a question that many people ask. And that is that there are many reasons why to do it, because it satisfies the desire of tax evasion, to make a parenthesis in life and to be able to take away with some things that happen to us reflecting over the kilometers; there is also the spiritual reason, which is the closest to the origins of the pilgrimage; or also the goal, as do the Camino de Santiago is very beneficial for health, to quit smoking, to lose weight and to meet new people…

Do Something Out Of The Ordinary With Adventure Vacations

So you have had enough of sightseeing and historic places and want to do something different this time for your vacation. The best idea would be to opt for adventure vacations organized by adventure travel agencies.

Reasons Why Adventure Travel Is a Good Idea for You

Adventure travel has become quite popular in the past decade. Earlier people simply went sightseeing to historical or religious places took a few pictures and came home happy. But the modern generation wants more than that.

Walking Through Serbia – A Land Undiscovered, a Land of Romance

A living example of a ” Beautifull nation can exist even after suffering from war and bad time”. I’m glad that I know this country and the beautiful peoples of this divine place.

5 Best Adventure Activities That You Must Try in Yelagiri

Yelagiri is a great tourist destination in Tamil Nadu, which is less known to many vacationers. Yelagiri is known for its lofty peaks, lush verdure, and soothing breezy climate. It is a paradise for all adrenaline junkies who love adventures.

Exciting Adventure to Look Out for in UAE

Visiting Dubai and Abu Dhabi in UAE means a lot in many ways. When it comes to excitement and thrill, then you can get involved in plenty of activities in both the cities. There are many tourists’ hotspots that are flooded with numerous people especially during the holiday season in the summer and the winter.

What to Look Out for in a Trip to Abu Dhabi

A visit to Abu Dhabi these days is not dull or boring at all. With so many attractions and activities, you can make enjoyable and memorable trip for sure. Abu Dhabi is considered the dream capital of the Middle East. Here, you can admire the high-tech projects, modernity and of course the tradition.

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