Champion Snorkeling

Fatu Hiva – Paradise in French Polynesia

You will definitely know that you are away from it all once you reach Fatu Hiva. This small and very remote island is part of the Marquesas Islands, which in turn, belongs to the French Polynesian territory of France.

5 Reasons to Visit Corfu

Corfu is a must-see island. Easily you can find luxury hotels to stay, healthy food, excellent wines, historical sites of great importance and magnificent beaches.

Top Places To Visit When You Are In Pakistan

Travelling is one way of enriching our lives. Not only does it allow us to see different places in the world, it also broadens our knowledge of the world. One place that is home to beautiful and attractive spots is Pakistan. Some may say that Pakistan is riddled with war and strife; however, some of the places in the country are surprisingly peaceful and safe.

My Trip to White Waters

Have you been to Jayalgarh? It’s the most beautiful place located 90 kilometers away from Rishikesh.

Top 5 Must Have Elements in Multipurpose Vehicles

There is no doubt that of all the recreational activities there is, travelling is the most enjoyable. The thrill and peace of mind that travelling provides is unparallel to any other activities. Our world is filled innumerable picturesque locations that choosing just one of them can be a challenging task. Every other country has their own attractions and they are distinct from the rest.

Traveling to Anaheim, California – The Second Capital of Theme Parks

Have you ever wanted to visit Anaheim, California? There is so much to do there. I will tell you about all the cool places to go. There is a lot more things to do there besides just Disneyland and I will give you all the details.

The Paradise of Koh Tao, Thailand

Compared to its neighbor islands like Koh Samui and Koh Phangan, Koh Tao is smaller and less popular. But somehow, this Thai island has managed to attract its own group of loyal travelers.

5 Adventure Sports to Try With India Tour Packages

India has always been a popular holiday destination among globetrotters. Be it its culture, festivals, cuisine or its historical monuments, this country has always been a source of fascination and joy for travellers. Indian territory is bestowed with the high mountain peaks, gushing rivers, lush valleys, golden deserts and sparkling coastline, making it an ideal location for various adventure sports.

Bike Tours in Portugal – The Next Big Cycling Holidays Destination in Europe?

Bike tours in Portugal have been on demand because of the country’s great geographical and meteorological characteristics, making it a great option for riding all year long. According to a study from the European Cyclists Federation, the cycling tourism sector in Europe is valuated in €44 billion per year, and is growing in a consistent manner – and Portugal is no exception.

Rajasthan Road Trip

India as a country is one of the best when it comes to tourist attractions. However, the best Indian city in terms of tourists’ visits is Rajasthan. Some people will love to label Rajasthan as the best selling tourist city in the whole of India.

A Brief Sojourn to Bandhavgarh

5 hours sleepeth a traveler, 7, a scholar, 8, a merchant and 11 every knave – says an old English proverb. In my city life you can categorize me with the knave as even 11 hours of sleep sometimes seems inadequate. My body clock changes when I am in the jungle though. There I am the traveler and sometimes can even manage with less hours of sleep than him. It is not the excitement of seeing the big mammals but the entire rhapsody, which captivates me. The air, the smell, the rumbling of dry leaves ET all. They say you need to visit the jungle thrice in a year to witness the change of colours and rhythm. Here I was visiting Bandhavgarh for the second time in six months.

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