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Las Vegas Based National Parks Tour Companies Make Travel Easy

Touring the National Parks of the American southwest is a fantastic way to spend a vacation. The drives to the parks and the uncertainty of where to go once you get there are problems for many people, but “adventure tour” companies are solving these problems.

How to Prepare for an Oludeniz Paragliding Holiday

One of the most popular hot spots in Turkey for paragliding, Oludeniz village and resort continues to attract holidaymakers in droves looking for the perfect mix of relaxation and adventure on their vacation. The top of nearby Babadag Mountain is the perfect location for this activity, with spectacular panoramic views and consistently good weather conditions.

5 Sporting Activities to Do in Olu Deniz

Olu Deniz is a popular holiday spot in Turkey, and one which has boomed in popularity in recent years. Well known for its picturesque beaches in the spot where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Aegean, many people travel here for the numerous activities that are available as well as the stunning scenery, including a national nature reserve.

List of Character Traits for the Road

One aspect of traveling that will always remain a constant is that the road you choose will always challenge you. This list of character traits will help you reach your goals when the gear you packed just isn’t enough.

The Lost Iron Furnace

The Ghost Town of Revelton is hidden in the forest above Lock Haven, Pa. Its ruins beckon the adventurous traveler or explorer.

Hunting for Fossils in the Great Lakes

Hundreds of millions of years ago the Great Lakes were full of giant sea creatures and dinosaurs that can be found today if you know where to look. Here’s a few examples of some fossils known to be hidden around the lakes.

Jungle Safari – How To Make It Most Rewarding

Jungle safaris offer great opportunities for you to see wild animals in their natural habitats. It is really nothing like going to the zoo where the animals do not have freedom and are not set in their natural habitats. There are so many jungle safari destinations across the world, but Africa remains to be top of the list as one of the best continents you can choose to have an amazing jungle safari experience. The safaris involve exploring forests that have teeming wildlife and you definitely will enjoy the rich natural diversity in the destination that you choose.

Go Wild With A Myriad of Places to Visit in Thekkady

‘Wildly adventurous’ – these are the words that can be used to describe Thekkady, the largest wildlife sanctuary in India. Home to elephants, tigers, leopards, bison, sambar deer, boars and many more endangered species of wildlife, the sanctuary is sure to make your visit very memorable.

Stick to the 7 Rules and Explore the Stupendous Wildlife Beauty

Nature has displayed a full assortment of splendid natural beauty that is absolutely breathtaking. Naturally as you explore these wonders of nature; it is your responsibility to ensure that you do not disrupt the environment at any point of the expedition. Like every place has its own rule this, too has its own set of regulations to abide by in order to protect the flora and fauna. This will ensure that they keep beautifying the place for years to come.

Epiphanies in Bangladesh

The whirling of the fan above my head spread heat in my claustrophobic room like wildfire. Beads of sweat appeared on my skin and quickly evaporated, making room for the next round of salty dew. The engine roared beneath me and sent my body into waves of motion sickness; I was trapped between the heat and monstrous vibrations.

Essential Travel Gear for Any Adventure

There are just some things you should never leave home without, if you’re a backpacker. Here are a few items I bring on every adventure. Some might surprise you.

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