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Famous Landmarks in Tokyo That You Can’t Miss

Mammoth structures that seemingly defy gravity rise high up into the clear blue skies of Tokyo on a gorgeous sunday morning evoke a sense of longing to be a part of that Tokyo vibe. I say Mammoth because no other prefecture in Japan has as many high rises as Tokyo. Most prefectures have two or three-storied structures with the occasional high-rise building.

What Does It Mean To Be An Adventure Traveler?

More recently the idea of adventure travel has been going around. People are looking to get out of their comfort zones and try new and exciting things, but what exactly is the definition of an adventure traveler? Let’s quickly cover a couple of things that are not considered adventure.

New Zealand’s Blanket Bay Lodge

The islands of the New Zealand archipelago are located in a distant corner of the world. Their position in the Southern Hemisphere seems to somehow disconnect them from the rest of the world. This peculiarity is evident in the amazing beauty of their unique landscapes in places like Wakatipu lake and the surrounding mountain range. This mountain chain is different from the more famous European Alps, South American Andes or the Rockies of North America. When tourists visit for the first time, it feels like they have stumbled on very special place, which has served as backdrop for numerous films, including The Lord of Rings Trilogy.

Uganda – A Great Tourist Destination!

Uganda offers amazing wildlife safaris,the rare mountain gorillas and cultural tourism attractions found nowhere else in Africa. Undiscovered by many travelers, you will leave with a memorable wildlife experience and you will find that one visit to the region is not enough!

The Essential Torbay Beach Guide

Whether young or old, everyone loves a trip to the beach, be it as a whole family on a sunny day, a romantic leisurely walk enjoying the sun go down, or taking in the fresh air with a brisk walk exercising our dogs. Read on further for a great Torbay guide covering all you need to know if you are planning a day out on the beach…

Choose From Different Adventure Tours in Costa Rica

Choosing from different vacation packages and different places to go can be stressful. There are a lot of different types of things that people are looking for in a vacation. Adventure Tours in Costa Rica may be one of those things.

Arrange Your Adventure Travel: 7 Easy Steps

Planning to go on an adventure of a lifetime? Don’t mistake adventure travel for a trek which requires no arrangements at all. On the contrary, adventure travel requires a lot of preparation and planning especially if you are going to a foreign country. Booking flights, choosing accommodations, buying travel insurance and arranging activities are just some of the things you need to accomplish before going on this type of holiday.

Roopkund Lake – A Wonderful Amalgamation of Enchanting Nature and Inexplicable Enigma

The snow-capped Himalayas not only fascinate the visitors with its awe-inspiring beauty, but it is also an enigma that remains to be solved. One of the various secretes that is yet to be deciphered is Roopkund Lake. It is also known as the ‘Skeleton Lake’ worldwide and is a perfect trek for those who just cherish unraveling the mysterious places in the Himalayas.

7 Adventure Travel Ideas For The New Year

Discover some unique and exciting ideas for adventure travel. Welcome in the new year with fresh ideas to make your next trip a memory of a lifetime. Here’s 7 to get you started…

Year 2013 Saw the Arrival of Some Great New Theme Park Attractions in Orlando

Orlando theme park attractions are the most exciting entertainment choices for the ever-increasing fan base. There always exist a special bonding between the parks and those passionate about adventure-rides and other incredible fun-activities in this most magically placed location of the world. Whether it’s WDW (Walt Disney World) resort, SeaWorld or Universal Studios for that matter, the experience we have is beyond dreams.

Bucket List Ideas For New Year Adventures

Looking for bucket list ideas to add to your life? Make this new year a year of adventure, excitement, thrills and simply just fun. Be inspired by these four adventure bucket list ideas that I have on my list for the new year.

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