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Experience the Wildlife of Brazil

Watching wildlife in Brazil is an experience for life. Brazil has the world’s highest number of both terrestrial vertebrates and invertebrates owing to its immense geographic extension that covers huge ecosystems like the jungles of the Amazon rainforest, the world largest wetland Pantanal, the Cerrado which is the most biologically diverse savanna in the world, the Atlantic forest which is home to mangrove forests, tropical savannas, tropical dry forests and tropical as well as subtropical moist forests and the shrub lands of the Caatinga. Due to its vast natural habitat, Brazil is home to a wide variety of wildlife ranging from mammals, amphibians, birds, reptiles and fish.

Trekking in Sikkim – An Endless Offer

Sikkim – Trekker’s favourite space, the tiny Himalayan state, which houses the world’s third loftiest peak (Mt. Kanchenjunga) is well-known for an unparallel Mother Nature’s blessings that are reflected in every nook and corner of the tiny state.

Planning A Vacation To Michigan? Find Free Michigan Travel Guides

Michigan is one of the most unappreciated vacation spots in the United States. Whenever people think of the state of Michigan, they’ll typically think of Detroit, and while the Tigers and Lions are excellent reasons why you should visit the Great Lakes state, Detroit is only the tip of the iceberg for Michigan. The eleventh biggest state of the union, Michigan has a variety of hotspots, from quaint little villages to huge metropolis towns, to some of the best out-of-doors areas you’ll find just about anywhere in the nation. The fact is, Michigan is one of the main destinations for anybody who enjoys trekking, cycling, camping, marining, fishing or maybe hunting.

The Tweed River Toward the Sea

The mountain stream that began in the McPherson ranges bubbling over rocks and giving shelter to all manner of wonderful creatures slows and widens as it enters the Tweed Valley and begins its new incarnation as a winding watery road now heading determinedly to the sea. A few kilometres and we might consider the river grown up and the alluvial soils it has carried down from the heights has been repeatedly scattered across the valley to create wonderful cropping potential.

Upper Reaches of the Tweed River NSW

There is, in the far north of New South Wales, and almost as far north as possible to get in fact, the town of Murwillumbah. Murwillumbah sits smugly astride the short but majestic Tweed river, about twenty kilometres inland from the mouth of the river which is the site for the building of the town of Coolangatta.

Mt Tamborine Qld

Hidden away from the dazzled eyes of the Tourists to the Gold Coast and just a few miles inland is the hinterland district. It is quite natural when one thinks of Surfers Paradise and the Glitter Strip, we think of glimmering city scapes, bulging brown muscles amid bikini clad lovelies. That is what the focus is after all. So the area towering above and a little way inland remains a partially hidden and partially known treasure.

Why Would You Want to Visit Egypt? Cairo

It is a place filled with ancient history. Its buildings and monuments offer insight into who we were 5,000 years ago. The Pyramids of the Giza Plateau are astounding. From an architectural point of view they rival many modern buildings in their ability to enlist a response of awe. And when you think about what it took to build them. You cannot help but be stunned by the tyranny within our human nature. They stand next to the amazing and inscrutable Sphinx, which gazes intently out into the desert. Archeologists still do not know exactly who built it or when.

Uganda, a Naturally Endowed African Holiday Destination

As one of Africa’s wonders and most scenic countries, Uganda is a land of spectacular beauty. It is one of the most popular and best safari holiday destinations in Africa. The article gives a brief highlight of why Uganda has gained as one of Africa’s most sought holiday destination.

Feed Your Passion of Fishing While Enjoying a Great Vacation

Catching fish to most was simply a means to an end. To some, the pursuit was the awakening of an instinct that drew them to the water in search of the thrill of the fishing something only a true fishing enthusiast really understands. Since the beginning of time, mankind has sought fish as a food source.

How To Travel To Tena Ecuador – The Amazon Rainforest

The capital of the Napo province is five hours in bus from Quito. Tena is not an important tourist place and it does not have many attractions to visit. But the landscape, with the rivers Pano and Tena, that form the Misahualli river, is beautiful. Tena has a climate with a lot of humidity and an average temperature of 80 degrees. Tena is exporter of coffee, tea, cane and cow.

Best Ten Hiking Resorts in China

Medog is famous as one of China’s most popular walking tracks. Its undeveloped road-net protects it from disturbing the outside world. In Tibetan Medog means “hidden lotus flower”. This winding Tibetan track takes about 9 days to walk from Linzhi to 80K and takes trekkers through some of Tibet’s most picturesque plateau landscape. The often erratic weather and difficult walking conditions are best suited to advanced hikers.

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