Bikini Girls and Sharks – Extreme Snorkeling With Lemon Sharks in Florida

Blissed Out Survival Journey in the Andes Mountains of Peru

Sometimes life asks us to sacrifice our bodily comforts in order to let our spirits soar with the condors. In January of 2015, my wife, Amara, and I went on a spirit guided journey to Peru. Our intentions were to celebrate life, create ceremonies, and fill up our souls with the amazing magic of the Andes. Little did we know that we would be placed in a situation that would force us to practice what we teach: Emergency Survival.

Best Place for Climbing Mount Kinabalu

I have less than a year until I reach the big FOUR-ZERO. Although many say that forty is the new thirty – after all, we are on a whole getting more health-conscious.

15 Things to Do When You Visit Kerala

Kerala, the most beautiful state of India, encasing the natural beauty along with the adventures has a great deal to offer when it comes to travelers visiting the state. Kerala has always been a part of attraction from the ancient times.

The Black Sea Triangle

A seismic shift in the global power struggle between the West and the BRICS world has shifted to Central Europe. Russian and NATO military hardware confront each other in what was, until a short time ago, a sea that was of little interest to the rest of us. We have all heard of the Bermuda Triangle, the mysterious sea where ships and aircraft disappear. Few have heard of the Black Sea Vortex. Could the inexplicable disappearance of a Russian or NATO warship spark a war that would leave Western Europe and the United States a glass-strewn thermonuclear shell-hole? Turkish fishermen were the first to bring to attention what is known as the Black Sea Vortex of Death. The location is Snake Island set in the Danube Delta.

Sukhothai – Wonder Destination of Northern Thailand

Thailand may be known for its flamboyant beaches and full moon parties, but its northern section offers something different to adventurous travelers. Northern Thailand features a lush landscape adorned with rice paddies, forested mountains, valleys and rivers.

Lake Bled – Amazing Craft of Nature

Lake Bled is located in the Julian Alps in northwestern Slovenia. The natural landscapes surrounding the lake are amazing. It’s no surprise that Bled was a favorite destination for President Tito during the Yugoslavian times, who was spending a lot of time in his villa located on the lakeside. The Lake Bled is the main touristic attraction in Slovenia, and one of the most prominent symbols of the country, along with the Triglav peak. It is a glacial lake on altitude of 475 meters. The total area of the lake is 1,438 km2. The astonishing natural beauty under the Alps can be reached in only 55 km from the Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

Places to Visit on the Costa Calida, Spain

Having holidayed here for several years and now spending our winters here I would like to introduce you to places we found of interest and you might enjoy too! First I will tell you about the area. Murcia covers quite a large district and extends inland into the countryside whereas the Costa Calida is the coastal area in the region, just south of Costa Blanca.

The Elusive Tigress

It was around 6:00 AM. The excitement has started building up, slowly. Yes we are just entering into the Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve.

Witch of OZ – How I Met a Witch in Australia!

It was more than ten years back in 2004 that I traveled to Sydney, Australia. I was travelling not on a family vacation or a holiday, but on work. I were there on a software consulting project (don’t want to go into more details of this boring topic), and this was my second trip to the beautiful city. I had earlier spent three months in Sydney, but due to project related work-pressures I was hardly able to explore the city, and neither did I get a chance to really meet anyone there. So this time I wanted to see around the city and make friends there. I never knew that I would be soon meeting and making good friends with a witch in Australia!

5 Reasons to Visit the Magical Bai Tu Long Bay

The article offers a few reasons why tourists should visit the magical Bai Tu Long Bay in Vietnam. And the information also explains how beautiful and untouched it is.

Secret of Kenya’s Rise to Fame As a Travel Destination

Kenya is at present the most appealing travel destination of Africa. With its national parks, savannah grasslands, abundant wildlife it stands out from the large milieu of countries who vie for a place to be the most alluring travel destination in Africa. Kenya and its safaris are wildlife viewing at its best. Here is why.

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