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Unwinding in the Beauty of Ooty

Ooty is a perfect place for you if you want to retreat to the hills and wake up every morning to a breath of fresh air and the chirping of the birds. The picturesque view of the rolling hills covered with dark dense forests on one side and the stretches of tea plantations on the other is sure to take your breath away.

Tips For Experiencing Your First Safari

One of my lifelong dreams was to take a long African Safari and although I have been fortunate enough to live the dream, I never seem to have enough of it. Being an African, I have had the advantage of knowing where to obtain the greatest safari adventures and experiences and discovering the best seasons to go there. Speaking from experience, there is no better African Safari destination than Kenya and I am not saying so because I live here. Kenya has it all, the incredible terrain that consists of the low lying palm fringed long coastline, semi-desert plains of Eastern and North Eastern Provinces, mountainous landscapes of central highlands, the rich green Rift Valley province, the Big Five and the diverse flora and fauna. As good as Kenya is as an African Safari, I have seen both locals and foreign tourists have less-than splendid safari experiences because they were ill prepared for the Safari. So, what preparations should you make when planning for a Kenyan Safari?

My Greatest Adventure At Sea

We were searching for killer whales in Boundary Pass and Haro Srait to make a video. We must have been guided, in accordance with the Law of Attraction, because everything was provided to make this adventure successful: A free ride on a scouting boat was offered to me; then I found a patch of kelp at the right time and distance to pre-focus my camera and finally a very big orca breached high out of the water just beside us while I was lucky enough to have my camera pre-set in wide angle mode. As the orca hit the water, the spray reached the boat but my camera stayed dry.

Bono Surfing: A Unique Surfing Experience in Kampar River, Indonesia

Bono surfing has nothing to do with the lead vocalist of an Irish band U2. Bono is the term used by local people in Meranti Bay, Pelalawan Regency, Riau, to describe a huge tidal bore wave that frequently occurs in Kampar River.

How To Enjoy Cheap Adventure Travel This Year

As summer approaches, families all over the country get into a huddle – what kind of vacation plans do they have this year? And it has to be a special one they think of because it has to make everyone happy. If it’s going to cost money, it is going to make the people spending the money – the parents – the unhappiest if the children are always going “So what else is new”. Well, affordable adventure travel could be where your family’s zone lies this year.

Why Davao Tourism Rocks

If you really want to see the best of Philippines and you’re thinking of a city to visit in Mindanao, you better not miss visiting Davao. Davao city boasts a lot of good things about its tourism so you will surely have a good time spending a vacation here-doesn’t matter if it’s a month long or a just weekender! Here are reasons why Davao tourism rocks: Safe and Child Friendly A lot of people say Davao city is definitely safer than many other cities in the country.

Why Travelling And Hot Air Balloon Rides Work So Well Together

When thinking of hot air balloon rides images of large balloons in a number of different colours floating across the open skies spring to mind. As do images of wooden baskets packed with burning fuel tanks, sandwiches and champagne. Of course the last two may just be a fantasy as opposed to the reality!

Once in a Lifetime: Family Holidays in India Packed With Adventure

Lions, Tigers and Bears With Tiger populations in India finally getting back on their feet, Ranthambore, Rajasthan, is the one of the best spots for catching a glimpse of these magnificent creatures. The park has over 30 tigers and due to its good accessibility and developed tourism industry, in nearby Sawai Madhopur, it’s a very popular location for wild life enthusiasts. Keep your eyes peeled for other animals like Leopards, Crocodiles, Sloth Bears, and a range of Monkeys.

5 Places to Visit During Your Tanzania Safari

Tanzania is a striking country located on the east coast of Africa, boasting a diverse landscape of mountain and volcanic ranges, lush grassland and tropical beaches, your Tanzania safari stay would not be complete without adding these places to your bustling itinerary. Check out the following 5 places to visit and see them for yourself during your upcoming trip. Mount Kilimanjaro Based in the north of the country, Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and is world-famous, providing the perfect platform for…

A Different Present For The Special Girl In Your Life

Is the love of your life due for a present that is a bit out of the ordinary? Are you having a little bother choosing a gift that is radically difficult from the usual varieties? Is she tired of the perfumes, jewelry, clothes and the other trivial gifts you have been buying her? Here’s a new way to surprise and excite her, an adventure-travel voucher!

Disney Pirate Experience Gets More Interactive

The battle of the Pirates in Walt Disney World gets more interactive and thrilling. With five different pirate raids and plenty of secret surprises including curses, cannon fire, special effects and more, it’s all about proving your pirate worth in Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland.

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