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Visit Some of the Best Snorkeling Sites in the Philippines With a Coron Package

The Philippines has a lot of amazing snorkeling sites to offer. One of the top destinations for snorkeling and diving is Coron, Palawan. Many tourists book a Coron package all year round for a chance to snorkel in clear waters, see the famous Japanese shipwrecks and swim in the cleanest lake in the country.

Siem Reap – More Than Angkor Wat

I recently visited Siem Reap, Cambodia home to the 8th wonder of the world, the famous Angkor Wat. However there’s much more to Siem Reap then just Angkor Wat, the only attraction most people see there, and the rest is looked past. Why not see and experience more, here’s what I think of Siem Reap!

Santa Fe – It’s the Place Where You Can Indulge Every Whim

Whether it’s spending Christmas Eve wandering Canyon Road galleries, amidst farolitos. It’s one evening of upscale eating in places like The Compound, Geronimo’s or La Casa Sena. Come see us soon!

Bhutan Tours: Explore A Hidden Paradise

Little over a generation ago, Bhutan tours didn’t exist. This is because Bhutan is a nation fiercely proud of its traditions and it displayed the same unwillingness to communicate with the outside world as its powerful neighbour China.

3 Of the Best Tribal Visits on a Kenya Safari

The Maasai are perhaps the best-known tribal group in Kenya, and often a visit to a traditional Maasai village is an integral part of any Kenya safari itinerary. Fiercely proud and independent, the Maasai traditionally live semi-nomadic lives alongside their large herds of cattle, goats and sheep.

How to Get the Best From Your Tanzania Safari

Heading out on a Tanzania safari can be the adventure of a lifetime, from cruising through the Serengeti to watching the great herds cross the plains, the memories will linger in your heart forever. Before commencing on this great adventure you should take the time to plan to ensure you get the best out of this life changing experience.

Three of the Most Spectacular Places to See on a Tanzania Safari

As one of the largest and most diverse countries in Africa, one of the only problems facing tourists when planning a Tanzania safari is where to go. With such dramatically varied landscape and wildlife, it can seem impossible trying to pick which places to visit, so have a look at three of the most popular places below.

Naming Exoplanets

Professional astronomers have discovered about one thousand planets outside the Solar System. How to name them has become an issue as the numbers rise.

Rickshaw Run Through India

Before we knew it, we were registered with The Adventurist, the organization putting on the race, and Frank Water, a project that we were fundraising for which would bring clean drinking water to India. At the basic level, we were to be given a rickshaw at the starting line and told where the finish would be. The 3,000km in between, whether it was accommodations and food, engine problems and encounters with the police, or anything else we could fathom, would be completely up to us.

Locating Affordable Beijing Tour Packages

Beijing, the capital city of China is indeed a popular tourist destination in the Asian continent. It’s a very beautiful city with lots of unique attractions. It’s also the ideal place to spend your vacations and holidays. If you really want to have a great tourist experience, you’ve got to select the best Beijing tour packages.

Nepal a Naturally Blessed Country to Enjoy Your Holidays

Nepal, a small landlocked country of South Asia between China and Tibet is a naturally blessed country to enjoy your holidays. Kathmandu the capital city of Nepal is buzzing with temples, shrines, monasteries and monuments, that makes it a hot spot tourist destination of Asia.

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