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Spend the Weekend Right by Going on Bike and Hike Tours in San Diego

Going on scenic bike and hike tours in San Diego makes for an exciting weekend bonding activity with friends. Aside from being a great way to exercise, these day trips can let you explore what the city has to offer.

The Best Mountain Holidays In South Tyrol Ever

Go for mountain holidays in South Tyrol! With the Alps and the Dolomites and the perfect settings of equipments have the best mountain holidays in South Tyrol ever. Ride the mountains in your own way and enjoy the unspoiled nature of the Tyrolean villages.

Zipline in Italy – The Ideal Adventure Holidays

Explore the Dolomites in the most wondrous way. The zipline in the Italian Dolomites – also the longest in Europe – is here to make your wish come true. Let your adrenaline rise to its maximum level while you slide down the cables nestled within the beautiful landscapes of the Dolomites.

Nag Tibba Trek

Nag tibba is name of ridge in central range of Himalaya. I had been there along with my friend in August-2009.

Adventure Travel Planning – How to Budget for Your Dream Experience

For many of us, adventure is what keeps us vibrant. Our experiences are what define us. Testing the limits of what we know as possible or experiencing something truly magnificent reminds us that life is precious. But far too often, that most fantastic of adventures — you know, the once-in-a-lifetime adventure you’d always dreamed of — is just out of reach. Why do you think that is? Why do most of us never go on the one adventure that would change our lives forever? You guessed it — money.

Enjoying Winterfest in the Smokies

Winterfest in the Smokies is a special celebration that takes place in Tennessee, with the towns of Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, and Sevierville coming together to create a festival of lights, entertainment, and more. The Smoky Mountain Winterfest is a great vacation opportunity for any family, and offers plenty of fun and recreation for people of all ages. Here, we’ll go over a few of the aspects of the Smoky Mountain Winterfest celebration that make it so popular, as well as how you can take advantage of special offers to enjoy this great festival.

Adventure Outdoors in Turkey’s Cappadocia

Far from Turkey’s seaside in central Anatolya, Cappadocia is a vast region where volcanic activity has resulted in bizarre, undulating landscapes and “fairy chimneys” – tall tapering spires of rock sculpted out of soft volcanic tuff by wind and water. The region features some of the most spectacular scenery and topography in the world, and is an ideal destination for family vacation adventures.

An Escape to Varadero Beach in Cuba

No matter what destination I choose for my holidays in Cuba, I always travel to Havana and after a couple of days going around and meeting friends, I embark on an adventure vacation. Last summer, I went to Havana.

USA’s Top Five Outstanding Thousand Trail Parks

Who wouldn’t be so excited going to different trail parks around North America seeing beautiful natural attractions? Let’s not forget the famous Thousand Trail Parks that still garners millions of visitors every year because of their unique signature attractions. Listed below are the Thousand Trail Parks being eyed by visitors.

Scuba Diving in Pattaya, Thailand

The picturesque seaside city of Pattaya can be found just to the east of Bangkok and is a popular destination for those who want to take a break from Thailand’s capital for a few days. While Pattaya is perhaps best known for its slightly sleazy nightlife scene, the waters here are cool, clear and teeming with a wide range of colourful marine life, making scuba diving Pattaya an excellent option.

Is Sydney’s Bridge Climb the Ultimate Australian Adventure?

If you are into real spine chilling adventure, Sydney Australia’s famous Bridge Climb may seem a little tame. But if you love soft adventure with a little bit of heart pumping excitement, this could be just your ticket.

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