Belize Snorkel Week with Turneffe Island Resort 2022

Five Things You Need To Know About Tirupati – Your Complete Travel Guide

Situated in Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh, Tirupati is a popular temple town that is believed to be a celestial home of Lord Vishnu. Being the most sacred pilgrimage sites for Hindus, lakhs of devotees visit Tirupati every year.

A Trek To Chembra Peak In Wayanad

With the pre set of monsoons, enthusiastic tourists start hunting for green destinations where they can set up their next exciting trek. Trekking not only allows people to explore different locations, but also takes them one step closer to Mother Nature.

Touring Belfast City – The Travel Jewel of Northern Ireland

The Belfast city is the vibrant capital of Northern Ireland. For many years now, it has become one of the top travel destinations in the United Kingdom not only because of its extraordinary tourist spots but also because of its compact size.

Disney World’s Abandoned Attraction – The Discovery Island Still Reflects an Inspiring Past

Probably the story of Walt Disney World wouldn’t have been completed had Walt not spotted an inspiringly beautiful island in the Bay Lake long back. This little unspoiled looking island is considered to be the harbinger of the Disney World Project that tends to fascinate millions of theme park lovers today. The island itself being a natural gift had been a real source of inspiration for the Disney imaginers.

Global Citizenship: Why Become a Modern Nomad?

Until proven otherwise, we only live once. So it’s important to live a fulfilling life. For some this can be done by staying in the same country all their lives, with the occasional vacation. For those who have a bit more of the soul of an explorer, that isn’t enough. For them and for all the undecided out there, here is an alternative.

Highest Mountain in South Africa

The highest mountain in South Africa is called Mafadi. Its height is 3451m and is located in the beautiful Njisuthi area of the Drakensberg mountains. This area is classified as one of the most scenic areas of the Drakensberg to hike in…

Rafting on Rivers – A Fun Way to Get Away

It is difficult to picture something much more exhilerating than really feeling the circulation of adrenaline within your blood. A growing number of individuals are planning to experience an adrenaline rush, as it is not just intoxicating but maybe even a little habit forming. To obtain their adrenaline rush, a multitude of individuals are embarking on dangerous and exciting adventures, such as white water rafting. The excitement of this task comes from the not-so-insignificant truth that it pits a mere mortal versus the fury of mother nature herself.

Kasbah Taourirt Proves Glimpse Into Morocco’s Past

Morocco has so many ancient sites that one could spend a lifetime visiting them and studying them, and so many have been the locales, imagined (as in Casablanca) or real (as in Lawrence Of Arabia). I recall seeing a revival of the David Lean film Lawrence of Arabia in London around 1989, about twenty years after it first came out, and I recognized immediately that it had been filmed in the vicinity of one my favorite retreats in Morocco, near the town of Ouarzazate in the ancient Berber village of Ait Benhaddou. These places would be worth a visit on their own, but the real attraction for me is the Kasbah Taourirt. A kasbah, or casbah, is the inner part of a city, a variant of a medina. The Kasbah Taourirt is among the largest in North Africa, a place where warlords in the ancient past lived and defended themselves from external attack. As recently as one hundred years ago, the French gave the tribal leaders in this sector of Morocco great power in order to avoid having to try to control the diverse tribes centered in the south with French troops, which would have been too costly.

Galapagos Trips – Get Excited With the Beauty of This Place

Galapagos is situated on the Pacific coast of Ecuador. It is a small archipelago which is world famous for its natural beauty. The island group comprises of thirteen big islands and six small ones. The place is amongst the favourite destinations for tourists across the globe, mainly because of the amazing wildlife features that it has on offer.

Island Of Djerba Is Home To Famous Synagogue, ‘Star Wars’ Location

Djerba, or Jerba, an island covering about 200 square miles and now owned by Tunisia, the largest island considered to be part of North Africa, is in the Gulf of Gabes just off the Cap Bon Peninsula. No one should leave Tunisia without experiencing this legendary island. Djerba was almost certainly Homer’s inspiration for the isle that provided refuge to Odysseus from the sirens on his voyage across the Mediterranean. Djerba is indeed a paradise, blooming with flowers, orange groves, and olive trees, dotted with the unique square whitewashed houses known as menzels. Djerba has magnificent beaches, beguiling historical ruins, and the teeming Houmt Souk market, but surely its biggest draw for Americans is the little village of Ajim, where the exterior scenes of the first Star Wars film were shot.

New Solo Travel Destinations Off the Beaten Path

Have you been looking for new destinations for traveling alone? Checkout Slovenia as a great summer trip for hiking, skiing in the winter or a year round cultural/historic tour.

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