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The 4 Most Incredible Parts of an Africa Safari

If you are thinking about taking an African safari as your next holiday, you are definitely making the right decision. A safari is the ultimate holiday for many reasons, but below we have listed just four to show you why choosing a safari for your next trip will be one of the best decisions you ever make.

Space Destinations

It is always important to have a positive outlook on life and to make the most of an opportunity if it arises. Most people in life create little bucket lists that they want to achieve before they die. These lists obviously vary greatly from long lists to short lists but always people want to see something amazing. One of my greatest dreams is to see the world from above. There are always pictures from Google earth and satellites that show us what the world looks like from above the atmosphere and few get to venture there.

African Safari Experience for You and Your Family

If you love traveling with your family, you will love a wild African safari in Kenya, Tanzania or exotic Seychelles. There are so many activities you can do alone as well as with your family. If you enjoy visiting unspoiled landscape crowded with beautiful wild animals, you will love Africa.

Top 6 Must See in Margaret River

Do you want to see the must see places and things in the Margaret River? The South West region of Western Australia is wonderful, inviting, and has many beautiful must see places. Known as one of the top choices of vacationers in the world, Margaret River is a popular holiday destination.

West Coast US Travels: Grand Canyon Tour Experience

Ask anybody who lives here: Mornings and sunsets are the best times to see the best Grand Canyon colors! And it’s the truth! We departed on the West Coast in Arizona at 8:00 am daily to take advantage of morning colors on Grand Canyon walls, and to avoid the heavy crowds and traffic jams of the day-visitors through Grand Canyon National Park.

Macau and the Holy House of Mercy

Adventure seekers who want to be immersed in history will find this and more when they visit Macau. Macau is one tourist spot that never runs out of visitors from all over the world because of what it has to offer.

Five Most Popular Namibia Tours

Many people are tired of traditional vacation destinations and therefore are looking for new places to explore. If you cannot decide what exotic place to visit, consider going to Namibia. This country offers exciting tours for all types of travelers.

SeaWorld Orlando’s Reusable Cup Program

SeaWorld Orlando’s new Penguin Cup Program is a great conservation- minded initiative. The Park is doing well in keeping the much needed ‘Awareness’ alive among guests.

Lionfish Lunch

Feathery, elegant, colorful, poisonous lionfish. They arrived by mistake in the Caribbean via Florida in the 1990’s and are now decimating local fish populations. Prolific breeders and voracious eaters without natural enemies, these jeweled gems hang out under reefs and in cracks and crevices, looking for lunch.

What Under the Earth Is a Yucatan Cenote?

A portal to the Mayan Underworld. A pool of clear-as-air water. An entrance into some of the world’s longest cave systems. A cenote is all of these. If you are planning an adventure vacation to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, here’s what you need to know.

3 Reasons to Choose a Botswana Safari Holiday

If you have decided you want to go on a safari in Africa, how can you decide where to go; vast, diverse Africa has several countries where you are guaranteed to enjoy a superb safari and observe wonderful wildlife, but have a look at our top reasons for why a Botswana safari really does tick every box. Big, beautiful Botswana will not disappoint if you are looking for stunning views that you can marvel at and capture on camera.

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