Belize Resort Snorkel Safari in 60 Seconds

SeaWorld Orlando All Set to Immerge Guests Into the Icy World of the Penguins

SeaWorld Orlando’s much anticipated attraction “Antarctica Empire of the Penguin” is all set for its grandest opening on May 24, 2013. The new attraction is expected to be another one of a kind thrilling ride experience that will take guests into the bottom of the world in freezing temperatures and more.

Night Life Spots in Cebu

Is dancing the night away or relaxing to the beat of music a way to start and end the night? How about chomping on one of Cebu’s delicious food? Cebu City night life spots would surely appeal to you, if you so choose to be fascinated and have a blast at any of these places.

Catering for the Kids on a Family Safari

Enjoying a Family Safari Holiday Common wisdom dictates that you should wait until children are at least eight before taking them on a family safari holiday – this way they’ll be old enough to remember and appreciate everything, and aren’t so small that they require constant care and supervision. But increasingly families are taking their younger children on safari and coming back to say it was a fantastic and rewarding experience for all concerned. So how do you decide whether your children should accompany you on a family safari or not?

Don’t Miss A Stay In Queenstown, New Zealand

When people think of New Zealand they think of wine, forests, rolling hills, green, Lord of the Rings, Kiwi and sheep. Regions like Marlborough are iconic for the Sounds and the Sauvignon Blanc while Rotorua and its sulphuric egg smell are hard to forget. Auckland, the City of Sails, and its landmark Sky Tower serve as the country’s welcoming arms for international tourists while the smaller towns around New Zealand offer a relaxed, quiet stay for travellers that find their way.

Ultra Light Backpacking – Travel With Less Than 16 Pounds (+Checklist)

The reason we recommend lightweight backpacking is simple: Your travel experience will simply be so much better. Naturally you would want to be prepared for every possible incident along your journey. This is why you see numerous backpackers with completely filled 70-liter backpacks on their backs and voluminous daypacks on their front, struggling to move to their next adventure.

Horse Riding Lessons Are Failing Safety Standards

Discover what procedures your local riding center should be enforcing and how these are getting ignored due to the current credit crisis and lack of funds. The current credit crisis is not new news to any property owner with a mortgage or small business paying out staff struggling for footfall through the door.

Top Five Sites in Santa Cruz Island in the Galapagos

Santa Cruz Island is a 2-million-year-old volcanic island in the Galapagos that offers visitors an amazing array of wildlife, history, and beauty in its numerous tourist sites. You can expect to see Giant Tortoises, Land Iguanas, Great Blue Herons and a variety of other birds, even occasionally the Dark-billed Cuckoo. While on the island, be sure to visit the following top five sites.

The Philippines Travel Industry Is Fast Growing and Continue to Attract Foreign Visitors

The Philippines comprises of 7,107 islands, of which only about 2,000 are habitable. Luzon is the northern part, Visayas is the central, while Mindanao is located in the southern Philippines. The country boast’s a number of beautiful beaches from north to south, these tourist destinations makes the country’s tourism marketability at par with other southeast Asian nations if not the world.

The Best Whale Watching Spots In Australia

Ever wondered about the top spots in Australia for whale watching? You’ve come to the right place! Australia has plenty to offer in regard to watching these magnificent creatures so buckle up and get ready to hit the seas!

Gorillas in the Ugandan Mist

Fascinating, extremely rare and notoriously shy, the Mountain Gorilla in Uganda is a beautiful and peaceful creature, yet they are so endangered that they have attained an almost mythological status. Although you can view gorillas in zoos and there is one at Longleat Safari park with his own island, complete with Sky TV, there is something harrowingly sad about viewing these incredibly private primates through a glass panel, or attempting to humanise them.

Top 5 Natural Wonders to See on an African Safari

An African safari is the perfect chance to see some world famous natural beauties. You’ll get to see breathtaking sights and witness amazing scenes firsthand. Here are some of the most popular landmarks to visit.

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