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Luanda – The Heart of Angola

Located in central-southern Angola, Luanda is the capital of the country and is one of the budding hot spots for tourists accompanying the four million people that already live there. Founded in 1575, this capital is filled with history especially when you considered the recently ended civil war. Originally one of the major slaving ports and under Portuguese rule, it is now considered to be the cultural heat of Angola, something that pictures of Luanda can give you some idea of.

Pamplona Bull Run

Spanish lore says the true origin of bull running began in North-Eastern Spain during the 14th century. When transporting their cattle to market men would attempt to speed up the process by using fear and excitement to hurry the cattle along. Through time this practice began to turn into a competition as young men would attempt to race in front of the bulls and make it to the safety of the pens without being overtaken. The history of the bull running in Pamplona is less clear. The festival originally took place in October to coincide with the festival of San Fermin. Over many years the religious festival of San Fermin was diluted so much by music, dancing, bullfights and markets that the Pamplona Council proposed that the whole event be moved to July 7th when the weather is far more favourable to such a celebration. To this day San Fermin remains a fixed date every year with the first bull run on July 7th and the last on July 14th. Despite its dangers (or perhaps because of them!) this unique event has captured the hearts of many people and is considered one of the best festival experiences in Western Europe.

Track Fascinating Snow Leopards on Indian Trails

Snow Leopards manage to strike mystery amongst the onlookers. This animal from the cat family tends to be calmer than others. The name snow appears due to its color and texture. The color of snow leopards is smoky grey with a hint of yellow mashed over. In India, these leopards can be around 200 odd. When you plan Snow leopard India tours, you’ll get to notice them in various wildlife sanctuaries.

Tabaco City: A Place of Awe-Inspiring Natural Beauty

Unashamed coastlines baring itself under the glorious sunshine, rich unadulterated forest, stunning volcano and tantalizing people define Tabaco City, Philippines. This eastern part of Albay is famous for enclosing the majestic Mayon volcano within its boundary and the scrumptious pili nuts that captured the meticulous taste of tourists.

An Adventure Hiking Experience of a Lifetime Begins on the Annapurna Circuit

To the north of Pokhara, the Annapurna Circuit features some of the most dramatic sites and adventure hiking in the world. The 300km trek around the Annapurna mountain range is a circular route that crosses the Thorong La Pass at its highest point of nearly 18,000 ft, and then trundles down the deepest gorge in the world to provide mountain views that take your breath away. The magnificent mountain scenery includes the Annapurna peak, the glacial pyramid of Dhaulagiri peak, both towering over 8000m, and the Machhapuchhare peak, at nearly 7000m, considered one of the most beautiful mountains in the world.

Visit Bolivia’s Rugged Mountains and Peru’s Ancient Attractions on Round the World Trips

If you are looking for real adventure during your round the world trip, South America should definitely be on your itinerary. Where else can you find jungles and snow-capped mountains to trek through on your way to ancient cities and spectacular natural attractions?

Great Family Adventures During Holidays in Dorset

If you plan to treat your whole family to a nice getaway, booking one of the luxurious Dorset holiday cottages will make this fantasy come to reality. These Dorset cottages are just perfect for those who are travelling within a group, big or small. Famous for wonderful self-catering accommodations, these holiday cottages provide excellent customer service and five star treatment.

Discover the Magic of Costa Rica in Your Vacation

South America is a tourist’s paradise. No other continent offers so much variety as South America does so humbly. But its greatest surprise is Costa Rica which anyone who has been to this lovely country will tell you. If you are still unaware of the charms of Costa Rica then let us introduce you to this magical country.

Medical Tours To Thailand Offering Amazing Value To Millions

Purpose driven medical tours are currently the fastest growing sector within the global medical tourism business. This phenomenal growth can be attributed to many factors, like the consistent overall GDP growth over the past 10 years in developing countries throughout the globe. Thailand specifically has long embraced the practice of enticing international patients looking for quality medical tours for treatments such as stem cell therapy, orthopedic care, dental treatment, weight loss and many other types of medical procedures.

Lebanon, MO for Summer Fun

Lebanon is an old town initially called Wyota, after the original Indian inhabitants of the area. Pioneers traveled over an Indian trail and in 1837 the Cherokee Indians came through here on their Trail of Tears. The trail has been called the “Old Wire Road ” and the “Springfield Road.” It was also part of the Historic Route 66.

Lake of Tears Soothes Souls – Pleiku in Gia Lai

Immediately, it captured my soul and I thought of Sea Lake as a must-see destination for me. A visit to Sea Lake and its surrounding mountains and pines is really an escape from the chaos of the city.

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