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What to Expect When Traveling to Kenya

Kenya, normally referred to as the cradle of Africa, is a developing country in East Africa. There are many different reasons why you should travel to this country. Attractions in Kenya ranges from stunning landscapes, the Indian Ocean white sandy beaches and the memorable mountain snow-cape peaks of Mt. Kenya.

Politics and Religion – Mexico City

An account of the political protests and religious festivities in Mexico City. The article explains the various reasons for the political unrest in the country and gives an account of a visit to the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadaloupe, the second most popular pilgrimage site for Catholics in the world.

The Dangers of Belize

An account of the dangers encountered by a traveler visiting Belize City for the first time. The article includes a description of an attempted mugging, some humorous incidents with unidentified creatures in the hotel room, and the real difficulties of changing money.

13 Days in Central America – By All Available Means

An account of two weeks spent traveling through Central America using only the bare minimum of local transport. The article includes information on border crossing between the various countries, the tourist sites to be seen, and an indication of the rudimentary travel network.

Amateur Fight Night Dallas – Don’t Mess With Texas

A humorous account of an amateur boxing event in Dallas, Texas. The article describes the numerous colorful characters watching the fight as well as the fearsome men in the ring. The evening concludes with an epic contest between The Southerner and The Yankee.

A Children’s Crusade – Sucre, Bolivia

An account of a visit to the Bolivian city of Sucre in the midst of a colorful and energetic religious festival. The article describes the features of the festival in detail, as well as giving some historical information on the religious figure being celebrated.

Potosi Silver Mine – Bolivian Health and Safety

An account of a visit to the ancient historic silver mine in Potosi Bolivia. The article outlines the features of tours that visitors can take to the mines, as well as indicating the harsh conditions suffered by the miners in the town.

Motorcycling in the Sacred Valley, Peru

An account of a day spent motorcycling around the Sacred Valley in Peru between Cusco and Machu Picchu. The article includes information on how to hire a motorcycle and the different Inca ruins which can be seen on the route. The article also has humorous incidents with the author wrestling with an unfamiliar bike on steep roads and unstable bridges.

Sailing From Panama to Colombia

There is no direct land route from Panama to Colombia. The border between the two countries is characterised by thick jungle and no road has been built through it.

Beauty of Belaga

Belaga District is one of the most remote and biggest districts in Sarawak with a size area of 19,403.27 sq km, where mega Bakun Hydro Project (BHP) is situated. BHP is projected to supply cheap electricity power for the country and even being proposed to be exported to neighbouring countries like Brunei, Indonesia and even to Thailand.

Responsible Travel in Namibia – 3 Ways to Keep It Local

Responsible travel in Namibia is incredibly easy when guided in the right direction. I brief you with background information that sets the stage for getting your money in local’s hands, while staying in Eco-friendly lodging, as well as what to look out for while shopping in local markets. Delve into Namibia here…

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