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How Conservation Projects Work With Whale Sharks

With whale sharks listed as a vulnerable species their are currently a number of conservation projects which can take you across the globe monitoring this astounding animal. Growing to over 12m in length and weighing an extortionate 20+ tonnes these animals are one of the gentle giants of the ocean.

Wildlife Conservation Projects: A Rising Trend

The idea of wildlife conservation projects are a rising trend in tourism that isn’t likely to end soon. Volunteers on these wildlife projects like the fact that they can get their hands dirty, see some amazing animals in their natural wildlife and help towards sustainable tourism. It’s certainly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Discover True Culture And Innovation, With A Mountain Walking Holiday In Bulgaria

When it comes time to consider vacation spots, most people think of warm, sandy beaches, which are always overcrowded and often inconvenient. Instead of opting for this type of giveaway, discover an alternative to traditional beach holidays, with a mountain walking holiday in Bulgaria. There are an extensive number of mountain holidays available, where you can discover the Rhodope Mountains in Melanya. These non-locking holidays provide an ideal opportunity for everyone, giving you the ultimate in support and environmental sensitivity, with stunning views, exquisite culture and much more. Melanya is an innovative village, that has not changed for many centuries, and you are encouraged to take one of these mountain holidays to learn more about the people, the culture, discover the rivers, forests, streams and much more that run through this incredible mountain range.

African Safaris Are the King of Adventure Vacations

An African Safari tour is a vacation to top all vacations. Everywhere in the world boasts the best beaches, the best sightseeing, the best museums or the best resorts but no where in the world can come close to the experience of an African safari. What was once only a wish on a bucketlist of most people, Safari vacations are not just for the rich and famous anymore as more affordable tours are available for a variety of budgets.

Ten Reasons to Travel to Madagascar

The Indian Ocean island of Madagascar is an under-visited tourist destination. Here are ten reasons that might inspire you to go.

Why It’s Time for Tour and Activity Operators to Start Taking Online Payments

Receiving payment through tedious paperwork is the bane of all tour and activity operators’ existence – not only is a massive hassle, but you don’t get paid on time! This system is hard to maintain. Stress levels are mounting – and administratively, you’re way behind. Lack of a way to pay online means you risk potential customers bouncing off to your competitor who does. To them, your tour or activity is not unique and they can find many similar businesses in the area that WILL take their card.

Hot Sands, Swaying Palms and Coconuts!

Amid the shorelines of Africa lies Ghana. Known as the Gold Coast. Golden Ghana beaches, available with sun, sand and salty air. Travel along Ghana’s coastline and find your own treasures. Visit a Castle, swim with the sharks, swing from tree to tree high above the ground and watch the sun set from the top of the world.

Awesome Cities for Studying Spanish in Costa Rica

It’s no wonder many people travel to study Spanish in Costa Rica. The country, which is a tiny territory wedged between the North and South Americas, is a slice of paradise, providing the perfect environment that is conducive to learning a second language. Most Spanish schools in Costa Rica are found right beside the crystal-clear blue waters that lap the shores of this Latin American nation or set among the outskirts of the lush Costa Rican rainforests housing the world’s biggest collection of orchid species, but others are also conveniently located within the capital city right in the heart…

National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

National parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in India are administered at the state level and often promoted as part of each state’s adventure travel attractions. In this article, we provide the information about numerous national parts and wildlife sanctuaries and reserves in India.

Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail

The Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail is the new, epic, multi-day mountain biking experience in New Zealand. Read more about this exciting new bike ride designed to be accessible for everyone.

Personal Safety Around the World

Many people are concerned with personal safety when travelling around the world. Being away from the security of your home or home country it’s natural to feel vulnerable at first, so to a degree it’s understandable. Regardless of what country you will visit, it will soon become clear to you that people are very friendly and they are mostly willing to help in exchange for nothing. It is rare to find hostile locals. The best thing you can do is to use common sense. The thing is that common sense is not common at all!

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