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What to Expect on a Zip Line Excursion

If you are looking to take a break from lounging at the beach and want to put some excitement into your day take a zip line tour. Zip lining is an excellent way to get both your nature and adventure fix. Most of the tours you will find in the Caribbean will take you through the canopy of a jungle and involve a moderate hike.

3 Romantic Escapes For Couples to Enjoy an Adventure of Their Own

Traveling together and experiencing new adventures helps to strengthen a strong relationship. There are many different ways to enjoy and challenge each other. The challenge is to find what you both enjoy and experience it together. Plan your next trip with anticipation of challenges and the unknown.

Powerful Polar Bears

While there are plenty of animals to be seen on your polar holidays, one in particular stands out among the rest as emblematic of the rugged wilderness – the mighty Polar Bear. There’s a reason it’s often recognised as an iconic animal – it holds the honour of being both the world’s largest land-dwelling carnivore, and also the world’s largest bear. Although the species has plenty of similarities to other bears, it’s adapted perfectly to the cold environment it prefers, and for hunting the seals that form the mainstay of its diet. Despite this physical prowess, the species is currently classified as ‘vulnerable’ – ironic in one so perfectly adapted to the challenging conditions of ice and snow in the region.

Going on a Get-Away to Experience the Phillip Island Penguin Magic

Life is full of complexities and there are really times when we need to get away from it all. If you are in the garden state of Victoria, there is a place here where you can bask in wonder and forget about all your cares and troubles. This is the Phillip Island Nature Park.

Riding a Motorcycle Through Columbia

I was a teenager in the 1980s, and hearing Columbia brings to mind images of cocaine infested jungle and sweating men with automatic weapons, laying in wait to kidnap the unwary. So when I decided to ride a motorcycle from Alaska to South America, I admit I looked for ways around Columbia.

The Mighty Musk Oxen

One Arctic creature that often gets an unfair reputation on polar holidays is the Musk Ox – so named for its thick coat and the strong odour that is emitted by the males, in order to attract a female mate during their mating season. Musk Oxen are believed to have migrated to Arctic North America over 90,000 years ago, back when the animal might have (figuratively) rubbed shoulders with woolly mammoths! It’s a testament to the species’ impressive ability to endure hardships – it’s theorised that Musk Oxen were able to survive the last ice age through both their superior stamina and by finding ice-free areas.

Best Retirement City in the World: Cuenca Ecuador or Hutchinson Kansas? (Part 2)

The ability to run a micro business in Hutchinson, such as home repair, painting, carpet cleaning, buying and selling used items, sewing, cleaning, etc. in order to supplement your income should not be overlooked. These would be practically impossible in Ecuador. This could make all the difference financially speaking for some.

Andalucia Activity Holiday Heaven

Activity holidays in Andalucia are becoming more popular and widely available, this is a taste of the activities available for your holiday. Andalucia is more than just beach resorts, the stunning mountains and lakes are crying out to be explored.

Kerala Tailormade Tours

Kerala tailormade tours give you the freedom to choose what you want to do on your trip to Kerala without having the hassle of organising every aspect of the trip yourself. The advantages of choosing a tailormade tour to Kerala are massive.

Why A Beach Holiday In The South Coast Is Ideal

  The Kenyan south coast has become a major tourist destination in the world, attracting thousands of local and foreign tourists daily. This is mainly because of the ideal conditions that make it a personal favorite for many visitors who frequent the Kenyan coast. The Best Hotels: The coast is a host to the best hotels and beach resorts in the East African region which offers the best accommodation and catering facilities to their visitors.

Best Retirement City in the World: Cuenca Ecuador or – Hutchinson Kansas? (Part 1)

There are many North American Cities that would make for great retirement. We are not singling out Hutchinson for any particular reason except for the fact we have personal knowledge of and believe it would make for a low cost, low stress, peaceful retirement.

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