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A Safari in Tanzania

Tanzania, located on the Indian Ocean in East Africa, is known for Mount Kilimanjaro (Africa’s highest mountain) and also its famous game reserves. Tanzania, which is a very vast country, has amazing wildlife, most of which is contained within its’ national parks and game reserves.

Beat the Heat in Brianhead, Utah

Most people think only of the pristine snow conditions Brianhead has to offer. But if you’re looking to beat the southwest heat this summer, Brianhead has far more to offer than you may realize! Biking, hiking, fishing and rock climbing are just a few of the outdoor activities Brianhead has to offer.

Africa’s Secluded Beaches

It’s no wonder why beach lovers all around the world visit East Africa’s unspoiled coastline in the quest for ultimate relaxation. East Africa has the attraction of thousands of miles of pristine beaches and islands combined with open plains, grassland savannahs and mountains that rise above 18,000 feet. Indeed, East Africa is a vast destination and a cultural traveller’s paradise.

Migratory Animals of Africa: Egyptian Geese

We kick off the series with a look at the various migratory animals and aspects of their regional distribution and habitat, including migratory routes. Also we focus on behaviour and ecology, including food and feeding habits. Of course the series would be incomplete if we did not look at socialization both within the species and across species, including their relationship with humans.

Top Two South American Adventures

South America is a top vacation destination, especially for adventure holidays. Part of this is because of the geography in many areas lends itself so well to such activities as hiking, horseback riding, boating, mountain biking and more.

Top Tourist Spots in New Zealand

New Zealand is a tourist spot with a difference. The nation combines relaxation with a vast variety of activities that have been drawing flocks of backpackers from all corners of the globe. From the blue waters of the seas to warm fountains; from peaks to rainforests, New Zealand has an immense variety lined up for the wayfarer.

Opera in the Bush

Dawn chorus is one thing, and last night, night chorus was a full blown opera. A pride of lions were between camp and house.

A Brief History of Africa

Are you looking for something different than the usual family vacation to the shore or local amusement park? Why not save your money up and go on a true adventure? Read more…

Wildlife Tours in India

Wildlife in India is blessed with the rarest flora and fauna. There are about 80 national parks and 440 wildlife conservation sanctuaries in India, that provide shelter to several Indian animals and birds. These wildlife conservation are situated in Indian jungle, which are the part of famous forest in India.

The Joy Of Experiencing India’s Toy Trains

India is a country that is synonymous with all kinds of train travel, from luxury services such as the Palace on Wheels and The Deccan Odyssey, to cramped commuter trains that are bursting at the seams. If you are a lover of traveling by rail, an interesting idea would be to take a tour that involves experiencing India’s toy trains.

From Ngong With Tales of Silk And Silkworms

Our travels this April, it seems, will be accentuated by the visit recently to the small but vibrant town of Ngong which played host to a unique trade fair held at the community level where producers and processors can showcase their products to their clients – the Kenya Livestock Producers Association Trade Fair which was to be officially opened by Prof. George Saitoti, Minister for Internal Security. The trade fair offers an opportunity for local entrepreneurs and producers to showcase their goods and services to the community.

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