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Hot Air Balloon Ride at Jaipur, Rajasthan

For a private day trip in India with a difference why not leave the congested roads of Rajasthan far behind – about 500 feet below actually – and go on a Balloon Safari at Jaipur? This is a highlight for any traveller, combining the thrill of a new experience with fun and a rare hour of peace and beauty as you sail over the magnificent Amber Fort and Aravelli Mountains.

Some Facts You Ought to Know About Mount Everest

Nobody ever knew that Mount Everest is the tallest mountain on the world until 1852 when a young man in India entered the room of his boss and announced that he has discovered the tallest mountain. People got curious and they started calculating its height and soon they found that the man was right.

Mount Everest Facts – The Unheard Stories About the Highest Mountain on Earth!

It does not matter if you have an adventurous soul, if you are an avid traveler or if being on the top of the world is your dream. The reason is that there are some things we are interested in no matter how much we show we do not care about them. One of such things is Mount Everest.

Dog Sledding in Harriniva, Lapland

Lapland is the perfect spot to have fun in the snow. Adventure seekers from across the world come to Harriniva to take part in outdoor activities like snowmobiling, cross country skiing and dog sledding. It is also an ideal place to witness the captivating phenomena that are the Northern Lights.

Enjoying the Festivals of Spain

For some people the word Spain brings to the mind the bulls namely the bullfighting and bull running. These festivities are not the only celebrations that the Spanish do and the other festivities are safe when compared to the ones mentioned above.

Peru Trekking – Is There an Alternative to the Classic Inca Trail?

With the recent mega discounting and slashed prices on the Inca Trail, trail passes have been selling out and flying out the travel agents’ doors. The Inca Trail has never been more popular or accessible but passes are still limited to only 200 a day. So is there an alternative to trekking the traditional Inca Trail?

Book A Flight To A Paradise Island

When viewed from the coast, it is hard to imagine that this natural wonder is the world’s largest sand island, it appears too green and lush to be such. With vast stands of rainforest, towering sand dunes, and more than forty freshwater lakes dotting the landscape, the diverse ecology makes it a must see attraction for all visitors to Australia’s east coast. Off-shore there are populations of dolphins, sharks, turtles, and whales, all visible from the island’s high points.

Why Volunteer With Wildlife in Namibia?

Voluntourism has become increasingly popular in recent years with more and more people worldwide looking to give something back on their trips abroad. It can also be referred to as a volunteer vacation or working holiday and can involve any number of voluntary activities. One very popular trip to work on is working with wildlife in Namibia, Africa.

Celebrating the Chinese Festivals of Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s Chinese legacy shows its self through the festivals it holds throughout the year. To experience the best of Hong Kong’s celebrations it is recommended that you find a tour group to join. So let go of yourself, join the thousands of folks in feasting, dancing and fireworks, and believe you will not have enough of the festivities.

The Dream of Climbing Mount Everest? You Can Do It, Part 5

You are getting close to Everest. If you have followed my climbing program you have a great knowledge in mountaineering. You should feel confident in yourself ahead of the last part. Below you will find out how to get the last part of your preparations to be ready for your biggest challenge ever.

Explore the Opal Coast on Primary School Trips

For pupils in the early key stages, that first journey away from home can be a thrilling experience, but also a daunting one, so choosing the right destination is paramount. France’s Opal Coast is ideal: it allows students on primary school trips to discover somewhere new and exciting, while being close enough to home that it can be visited in a day – although there are certainly enough attractions and activities to fill up several days, for those wanting a longer trip. From amazing aquariums to friendly historic towns, from the opportunity to try out some French to the chance to see chocolate being made – and try some – this is a region that has something to inspire everyone, whatever their age. Here are just a few of the top attractions that the Opal Coast has to offer.

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