Afternoon Snorkeling with Turtles in Puerto rico!

Adventures on the Gulf of California

Two women set out to drive the full length of the Baja California peninusla in a 1973 VW Bug. Along the way, they are invited to spend time aboard a Mexican fishing trawler in the Gulf of California, learning first hand how shrimp get to the cocktails of American.

How to Have Fun by and Benefit From Travelling Alone?

I think at least once in our lives we all face the issue of travelling alone either when something happens to our previous plans or because your significant other has to be at work, your relatives and friends are extremely busy and so on – you name it. So, the bottom line is no one can accompany you in your upcoming trip. If such situation bothers you then the following list of suggestions will definitely help. Remember, you shouldn’t let them all spoil your vacation plans! So, don’t get upset and let’s look at travelling alone from a different perspective! After all, even this can be looked upon as a chance to become more sociable and challenge your creativity!

Safety While Traveling

Let’s talk about safety in your camper or motorhome. Accidents will happen and you need to be prepared.

Kayaking Adventures in the Daytona Beach / New Smyrna Florida Area

If you are in the Daytona Beach / New Smyrna Florida area and would like to get close to nature, I would recommend kayaking along the intracoastal waterways. My family and I went on a couple recent kayaking expeditions in this area. We went to Spruce Creek State Park and to the New Smyrna Environmental Center. This is a very scenic area. We saw a lot of wildlife on these trips, which made it very enjoyable for the whole family.

Wild West Adventures in Brazil’s Pantanal

Combining the region’s rich biodiversity with the “Wild West” culture of the local cowboys, eco-lodges offer one of the best opportunities to get the ultimate Pantanal experience. The Barranco Alto Eco-lodge, a converted authentic Panteneiro farmhouse and one of the oldest in the region, is such a lodge.

A Road

Do you love to travel in the car with kids? Most of us don’t but when you are traveling to a special destination to make important memories with your kids, the effort is well worth it.

A Safari in South Africa for the Family

Why you should experience a South Africa Safari With so much variety, South Africa is the perfect destination for a family safari with a difference. You and your family can experience a safari in nearby countries or head to the North East of the country to experience some of the most extravagant holidays around. It is common to combine a week in the Cape with a week in Botswana or Namibia to indulge in the experience of the two countries whilst on safari.

Golden Triangle Tour – Gem of Incredible India

Are you bored with your same monotonous lifestyle? Want something exciting to happen? Why don’t you plan your Golden Triangle tours to India?

Seaside Escapes in Europe: A Vacation to Remember

With exotic Seaside escapes, Europe is considered to be one of the most visited destinations for tourists across the world. So, if you are planning a trip to Europe, look for holiday packages Europe that suit both your budget and mood. If it’s the seaside that you are opting for, ensure that your travel agent is clear about your requirements.

Visit and Discover: Taiwan Night Markets

For some, traveling is a passion. It can be used as an escape; a time to heal for the brokenhearted, a break from stressful work, or it can be a time to reflect on what you really plan on doing with your life. If you haven’t visited Taiwan yet, make sure to include it in one of your stops if ever you have decided to take a trip this year.

Plan Your Trip to South Africa in Advance

Planning a truly awesome trip is not an easy task to do irrespective of the destination that you intend to visit. You need to have all the necessary information about the country.

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