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Solo Travelers: How to Find an Island Vacation Not Just for Couples

Do you dream of getting away to relax in a tropical paradise or to explore coves that once housed pirates? The lure of the Tropics is strong but for many singles it is challenging. Island specials generally focus on romantic getaways and honeymoon destinations. Check out our 5 alternative island choices for those traveling alone.

How to Cross the Street in Saigon

I started to step into the street, my foot hovering in the air as my knees shook with fright. Heat, humidity, and exhaust fumes engulfed me as the air literally shook around me from what appeared to be thousands of vehicles swirling on all sides of the round-about. I was about to cross the street in Saigon…

Australia, a Great Country to Visit

Australia is big, very big! Without having visited it is impossible to understand the history and culture and indeed the sheer vastness of the place. There is nowhere like it in the World. Take a trip ‘Down Under’ and be prepared to be absolutely amazed at what you see and experience. You won’t be disappointed!

Kiteboarding in Brazil

As the only extreme sport that combines aspects of surfing, paragliding, windsurfing, gymnastics and wakeboarding into one, it’s increasing in popularity in North America where many clubs and organizers are arranging kiteboarding trips to countries where the beaches and atmosphere compliment the sport. One of the most popular destinations for kiteboarding trips is Brazil. Its long windy coasts provide kiteboarders an opportunity to experience the sport like never before. In the last few years, Brazil has also organized a large number of kiteboarding events that have made it a very popular destination for kiteboarders all across the world.

Places to Visit in Melaka Malaysia

Whether you are a backpacker or an ordinary tourist, if the way you roll isn’t much all about beaches and mountains, and you can settle for a historical trip, then a trek around the small state of Melaka (alternatively Malacca) in Malaysia is for you. It is first founded in 1400 AD when a Sumatran prince arrived in the country after being banished from Temasik (a.k.

Tunisia Offers Palatial Hotel Comforts At Motel Prices

An astonishing fact about Tunisia’s tourism industry is that so few of the tourists who visit this charming country are American citizens. Of the seven million tourists who came to Tunisia last year, something like 25,000 were American. This means that about one-third of one per cent of Tunisia’s guests are Americans. Why this is so is complex, and some of it no doubt has to do with the false perception that North Africa is a place of danger. It is a well-established fact that since the uprisings known as the “Arab Spring” began in 2010, not a single tourist has been injured, much less killed, as a result of the political upheavals that began in Tunisia with the Jasmine Revolution. Tourism is Tunisia’s biggest industry, and there are vast numbers of Tunisians who are dedicated to make it work, today as well as tomorrow. Tunisia is a safe tourist destination.

Universal Orlando’s New Springfield Expansion Takes Simpsons Experience to the Next Level

It seems the Universal Studios Orlando is all set to hit new records every now and then. Achieving milestones one after another becomes a constant trend for the premier Theme Park today. After the much anticipated Transformers -The Ride 3D attraction with a whooping one million riders in just over a month since inception, it’s time again to win more laurels and visits with the new Springfield Area expansion program.

7 Items You Must Have to Hike the 100 Mile Wilderness on a Southbound Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike

7 Backpacking Gear Items Needed for the 100 Mile Wilderness in Baxter State Park, Maine. Specific backpacking tips from an experienced Appalachian Trail southbound thru-hiker.

One Of Morocco’s Finest Resorts Is Nestled In The Foothills Of The Atlas Mountains

A luxury destination in Morocco that is especially delightful, and one that consistently gets rave reviews, is called Amanjena, a cozy, secluded resort outside of Marrakech on the southern road to Ouuarzazate, which is Morocco’s gateway to the interior of the great interior sand ocean that is the Sahara. What makes Amanjena so special is the winning combination of its spectacular natural beauty (situated as it is in the shadow of the massive Atlas Mountains), outstanding facilities, consistently exceptional service, and the small number of villas available, ensuring privacy and special attention.

5 Extreme Outdoor Activities for Adults

Extreme activities tend to limit the age range for those who can and cannot try it. You can qualify your kids to go paragliding or surfing but then there are also outdoor sports that are just not safe enough for them to try out. These are extreme outdoor activities for adults, and adults only. If you’re looking for that extra adrenaline rush then these five activities will be right up your alley.

Lush Waipio Valley on the Big Island

Waipio Valley is a place for nature lovers and for people who value a calming atmosphere. Here you can be alone and relaxed. Here you can find magical surroundings. Here you can see nature’s views and landscapes. If you want to experience the beauty and tranquility of nature on the Big Island of Hawaii, then this place is truly right for you.

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