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Essential Ski Tips for Beginners

Taking up skiing can seem like a daunting task, with so much to learn, and so much to buy, it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed. But it doesn’t have to be so difficult to take your first steps into the world of skiing, so here are a few tips to help you get started.

How to Safari in Namibia: Tips to Keep a Low Impact on the Environment

Smashed between two of the world’s oldest deserts, how can you keep Namibia green, without over using precious resources? Unleash the tips on how to safari Namibia with the least impact possible.

Golden Triangle Tour With Artificial Lake Of Rajasthan

Tourists who start a trip to India often choose golden triangle tour as this tour circuits covers the most famous attractions of India that are Delhi (Capital of India), Agra (Uttar Pradesh) and the pink city Jaipur (Rajasthan). As it comprises the main destinations of India, it is one of the most popular and sought after tours packages of the country. This popular tourist circuit is chosen by thousands of tourists every year from every nook and corner of the world.

Come Close to Nature With Luxury Adventure Tours

Traveling to Africa provides travelers a mesmerizing experience that can be cherished by them for their entire life. Luxury adventure trips to Africa have gained immense popularity over the years.

Transportation Choices for Independent Adventure Travel

When it comes to adventure, there are nearly as many different ways of getting around as there are places to go. Whether you prefer to travel across America or Europe in the lap of luxury or make strenuous traverses of far away mountain ranges and deserts under your own power, no matter what type of adventure you seek the way you move through the landscape is almost as important a decision as the landscape you move through.

Is Bike Touring Right for You?

Bike Touring offers the a unique way for independent adventure travelers to find new places, meet new people, and face new personal challenges anywhere in the world. There is no feeling in the world like barreling down a tall mountain keeping pace with the traffic while the world around you turns into a blue and the wind gets loud. Of course, bike touring isn’t all downhill; it also presents the intrepid traveler with several unique challenges to overcome. Bike touring is definitely not for everyone, here’s a quick look at some of the benefits and challenges of seeing the world on two wheels under your own power.

Get Outta Town!

Summer is here and you are you feeling the urge? I gotta get outta here! Here in NYC summer is great! But once July arrives, I feel the need, the hunger, the craving!

Las Vegas Haunted Tour: A Frightful Delight!

Sin City proves to be more than just flashy lights and grand casinos. Take a tour of some local spots famous within the supernatural world!

Out for Adventure? Bring Along a Translator on Your iPhone

Translator apps are a must-have gadget when you’re traveling in foreign countries. Fortunately, there is wide variety of apps available for the iPhone, the iPod and the iPad that will translate languages from anywhere in the world. Here are our picks for the top five translator apps.

Great Adventure Honeymoon Destinations

With the trend for alternative weddings increasingly upon us, honeymoons are slowly beginning to follow suit. There are a huge number of great places to visit for a more adventurous honeymoon, allowing you to spend some time relaxing at the same as soaking up some culture and visiting some amazing sites. From the Patagonian wilderness to the banks of Ganges in Northern India, the days of two weeks at a five star island resort in the Indian Ocean seem to be behind us.

Packing Suggestions

So you’ve booked your trip, but you now have the dilemma of what to pack! Here are some suggestions to get you started.

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