Afternoon Snorkel with Tropical Fish in Puerto Rico @Champion Snorkel

Kanchenjunga Trek – World’s Most Adventurous Trekking Tour

Sikkim is home to the third highest mountain in the world which features in many Sikkim trekking tours. In fact, the name of the mountain itself means ‘The five treasures of Snows’ which is in reference to its five peaks. This mountain with an elevation of 8,586 meters is also considered very sacred by the locals.

South India Tourism, a Mini World of Its Own

South India Tourism best offers the avid travelers with enchanting tours and travels into the land of greens; the journey that it offers to the tourists is truly fascinating as it takes them to the numerous allures like its pristine beaches, cool hill stations, serene backwaters and its enchanting temples. It will also provide you with the great opportunity to explore the natural vistas, wildlife and the finger licking, delicious delights of this place. Numerous tour packages and Holiday trips are offered to the crazy travelers who are always on a lookout of exploring this wondrous land blessed with nature’s…

Ocean Breeze, Palm Trees and Gold

Upon visiting this Eastern African Nation, I found Paradise. Ghana sits on the shores of ‘The Gulf of Guinea’ and has a rich history. With Independence gained from Britain over Fifty Years Ago, Ghana is one of the fewest Nations to successfully engage in Democracy. A free country with much to see.

Koh Kood Tour

Koh Kood is one of the main islands in the Trat province. It is well-known for its short distance in traveling and its mesmerizing clear blue water and skies. A variety of hotels are located in the island itself where numbers of restaurants and stores increase about fifty percent each year.

Travel Light With Paklite

People who travel by air prefer to carry lighter loads. This is only possible through light weight luggage such as those from Paklite Hydrogen Luggage collections.

Fishing And Other Adventures In Panama

Panama offers great destinations and attractions including fishing. Panama is known world wide for it’s Blue Marlin abundance and great fishing adventures.

African Safaris and African Safari Culture

If you have ever taken an overland journey across Africa then you have experienced the joy and wonder of a Safari. However, this was not always the case as traditionally a Safari referred to a big game hunt. However, with the changing attitudes and the more eco friendly approach of modern day society almost all safaris in this day and age only consist of shooting photos of the wildlife and not shooting guns at the wildlife.

Fishing Villages and Celtic Settlements in Asturias

It’s often useful to utilise a little lateral thinking when it comes to finding great value holiday villas. Northern Spain is an oft-overlooked gem, providing a gorgeous range of landscapes from sandy beaches to rolling verdant hills and mountains. To the West of Aviles, the coastline of Asturia becomes more dramatic, ruffling up into high cliffs and sheltered coves and bays, ideal for anyone looking for a little relaxing on the edge of the Atlantic. The Western Asturias region is home to unassuming but beautiful fishing villages with a charm all of their own. If you’re looking for great value and time to relax during holidays in villas, Northern Spain has plenty to offer.

Sloth – “A Habitual Disinclination to Exertion”

Both two-toed and three-toed sloths reside in Costa Rica. Despite having lived in the Tropics successfully for tens of millions of years they now face certain dangers in the modern world for which they are not adapted. Fortunately, they have some help from the Aviarios Sloth Sanctuary near the village of Cahuita on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast. This article recounts a family’s visit to the sanctuary.

This Summer Try A New Vacation Experience

Forgo all the other traditional vacation options. The typical travel + hotel package, resort stays, etc. This summer try a new vacation, something affordable, ingenious and fresh where everything is included to provide you with a no-hassle, stress free vacation experience!

An Adventure to: Shanghai, Shangri-La, the Upper Mekong, Laos and Thailand

One stop to Shanghai, I was off in early November. Phoenix to Los Angeles and then Los Angeles to Shanghai. I prearranged a private guide for a day in a city that reeks with feng shui. From then I traveled to Yunnan Province, Laos and the Upper Mekong.

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