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What Is Stopping You From Bicycle Touring?

Bicycle touring can be an inexpensive way to see the world or even parts of your own country. There are four reasons that many cyclists do not attempt cycle touring and we review those issues and offer easy solutions. So if you are concerned about finding travel partners, touring bicycles, accommodation or a great route at your level read on.

Welcome to Borneo

For many visitors to Borneo, their most memorable moment is a personal encounter with a living creature, glimpsing a wild orangutan swinging through the jungle canopy, spotting an Irrawady dolphin in the shimmering waters of the South China Sea, or locking eyes with the reptilian gaze of a saltwater crocodile. Jungle animals are by nature, shy but a good guide can help you tell the difference between a vine and vine snake and between a twig and a stick insect. A good guide can also help you to differentiate between the call of a gibbon and the cry of a hornbill, and identify a dominant male orangutan. If you are keen to have close encounters of the animal kind, Borneo’s jungle offer a unique combination of extraordinary biodiversity, unspoilt habitats and practical accessibility.

The Unexplored Waters – Marine Conservation Expeditions

The unexplored waters of the Musandam peninsula break up a harsh landscape of rocky mountains and dry desert. Diving into the bright blue waters you will discover the unprotected wildlife that you could be working with on your coral reef conservation project.

Family Activities to Enjoy in Morocco

Morocco has all the ingredients to be considered one of the best holiday destinations in the world, and is thought of as much by the thousands of travellers who visit the country every year. Boasting vast amounts of culture, nightlife and activities, Morocco is almost constantly bathed in sunshine, particularly during the height of summer when temperatures can soar. With heat as it is during the day, it is important as a family to find the right activities for all to enjoy without suffering from exhaustion due to the potential temperatures.

A Spectacular, Canyoneering Adventure to a Colossal Waterfall Oasis: Cibeque Canyon, Globe, Arizona

Having lived in Phoenix now for quite a few years, I find I am frequently asked the same question, just how do you deal with the excessive heat living in Arizona during the summer months? And generally respond by saying that if it weren’t for swimming pools and air conditioning, I wouldn’t be here! Its true, but as with anything, the summer heat is just something that you get used to after awhile because Arizona is so much more than heat and hot temperatures. Being such a vast and diverse state and region, and if you’re like myself, and you love nature, the outdoors, travel and adventure, we are very fortunate because Arizona is still able to offer many pristine wilderness areas and gorgeous rock canyons that are literally just a short distance from the Phoenix metro area where you can enjoy beautiful scenery, escape the heat and cool off.

Norfolk Broads Boating – Family Boating Holidays

A waterways holiday on the Norfolk Broads with the family can be the perfect get away for a fun filled weekend, or over the week for a longer break. Marinas are introducing new boats to their fleets all the time, with new homely comforts, furnishings and mod cons such as bow and stern thrusters.

Samburu Maralal Camel Derby, Kenya Safaris

Maralal Camel Derby is an internationally recognized annual event held in Yare Camel Camp in Samburu County, Maralal town in Kenya, East Africa. The Derby is a sporting event that has been used as a way of creating awareness on the diverse culture and tourism potential to foster peace among the communities within the county of Samburu. It draws participants from all over the world. Camels are available for hire and come with saddles and handlers. The activities in the event include camel races for both professionals and amateurs, peace run featuring morans from the different communities, Samburu Cultural Night that offers a unique cultural experience with music, dance, traditional foods, arts and crafts and two traditional Samburu weddings. If you are planning a vacation to Kenya in August this is an event that you should not miss in your itinerary as part of your safari to Samburu.

New York Broadway Shows – The Ultimate Choice of Visitors

One can walk down the Museum Mile or visit The Statue of Liberty or go to the iconic Empire State Building and enjoy New York sightseeing. All these places provide something new, something interesting, something which the visitor has never experienced before.

Sea Sickness

Barf, blow chunks, chunder, chuck, ralph, heave, puke,spew, up chuck, and yack are just a few colourful words that many use when they are talking about someone vomiting. Being sea sick can be a miserable, annoying and just down right uncomfortable condition to experience, Just look at poor Maria!… So what can you do about it? Continue reading to find out.

The Secret Life Of The Jaguar

Brazil, and more specifically The Pantanal, is teeming with wildlife. The incredible diversity of birds, reptiles and mammals is the making of a wildlife fan’s dreams. The seasons here change dramatically and it is in the dry season when wildlife watching is most successful and the chances of spotting Jaguar are very high.

Seek Adventure on an African Safari in Zambia

If you want your African safari to be full of adventure and adrenaline pumping activities, choose Zambia as the destination. Zambia is often overlooked when travellers look to take safaris in Africa, but it is indeed one of the best safaris you can take. The country has a diverse landscape and the wildlife and birdlife is very impressive, with large numbers of plains game and predators all year round.

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