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An Action Packed Africa Safari in Zambia

An Africa safari in Zambia will introduce travellers to an authentic wilderness experience in some of Africa’s finest national parks and reserves. A Zambia safari is for those than really want to immerse themselves in the true heart of Africa, take part in exhilarating activities and see stunning natural wonders. Here you can see all the big five all year round and a whole range of African wildlife.

Cancun Vacation Tips: Why Visit Isla Mujeres?

Cancun is a beautiful, tropical island, nestled in the Mexican territory. As a humble paradise rich with a sunlit sky daily, it is the escape for many foreign nationals.

How to Pack for Living Abroad

Sometimes in our lives we have the opportunity to travel and live abroad for an extended period of time. If you are brave enough to grab life by the horns and embrace the experience, you are probably panicking about how your entire life is going to fit into a couple small suitcases. Years of traveling has taught me less is more and I would like to show you 7 tips on how I have managed to lighten my own pack to the point of carrying less, so I can do more.

Why You Should Take A Family Safari in Africa

Taking a family safari with your children or teenagers is highly recommended if you’re searching for a special type of holiday next year. Children will love learning about all the animals that they’ve grew up reading about and teenagers will love the thrill of being within a few metres of ferocious animals!

The Best Safari Holidays in Africa

Safari holidays are becoming more popular as people realize that there is so much more to see in the world than taking those boring beach holidays every year. Africa is a vast continent and each country is completely unique. This can make it difficult to choose a destination. Kenya has long been a favourite as it is known as the original safari location.

Corbett National Park – Get A Glimpse Of Exotic Wildlife

Corbett National Park is the best place for wildlife loves where in they can easily get a chance to see some of the most amazing flora and fauna of the country. The best way to go for it is to book a package online which saves a lot of your time.

Illinois – More Than Just Corn Fields After All

Illinois has many things to discover from the interesting rock formations you will find at Shawnee National Forest in southern Illinois to the fine shops and attractions you will find in Chicago’s Magnificent mile in northern Illinois. There is something for everyone in Illinois weather you prefer recreational activities, museums, art, theatre or fine dining and shopping.

Is Your Car Ready for Your Holiday?

If you’re going on holiday then there are a lot of things you need to consider. This means for instance making sure that you have all your spending money and your travel documents/passports.

How to Pack for an Icelandic Adventure Holiday

People want more from their holidays these days. They want fun, excitement and new experiences. Iceland offers these by the bucketload with terrain that lends itself to outdoor pursuits. But if you haven’t been on an Icelandic adventure holiday before, what should you pack?

Best 5 Nepali Phrases to Learn Before a Trekking Holiday

Planning a Nepal trekking holiday? It certainly helps to learn the lingo, so here are our top 5 Nepali words and phrases to learn before your trip to the roof of the world.

Adventures From Turkey (Part 1)

May 1 – I ended up with a middle seat which is normally an awful thing, but this row had extra legroom and on a ten hour flight, it’s pretty essential that I be able to yoga myself into a ball to rest my head. It was the right move; those seats at the back of the plane look claustrophobic from where I’m sitting. — Also a win, I timed the snack cart just right so that I got not one, but two bags of almonds. Clearly, the universe is on my side.

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