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Simple Tips for Using LED Bike Lights

With more and more people taking to two wheels, it is important to consider vital safety accessories such as LED bike lights. In a recent survey by Sport England, it was discovered that almost two million people now cycle at least once a week, and millions more on an occasional basis.

Interesting and Useful Facts About Nepal

A list of interesting facts about the Himalayan country of Nepal. Nepal is a small landlocked country in southeast Asia, and is full of Natural heritage and diverse cultural experience. It’s mostly known for the spectacular views of the Himalayas and one of the kind trekking routes.

Travelling in Reality or Virtually

Rick Steves is a gentleman on television who travels around the world. And while he is traveling, he brings you with him. You get to have his experiences without the expense. What better travel experiences could you want on the cost of practically nothing.

Haridwar Holiday Packages: Haridwar Travel Guide

The place where River Ganga descends, Haridwar is one of the holiest towns of India. Also pronounced as Hardwar, the town is believed to be the ultimate gateway to Gods.

What Everybody Ought to Know About Adventure Tourism in India

Rewind only a decade back, and adventure sports industry in India was not that big. In past few years only, the whole scenario has changed, adventure sports industry in India has touched new heights. Earlier, there were very few rafting camps in Rishikesh, rafting in remote Zanskar region of Ladakh was never heard of, and bungee Jumping and Sky Diving were only to be seen in movies.

Choosing South Africa for Your African Safari

South Africa is a destination that many people choose for their African safari holiday due to all the country has to offer, as well as the easy accessibility with direct flights from UK airports. The African country is also a popular destination for luxury African safari holidays, with facilities and packages especially tailored for those holidaymakers seeking a more upmarket experience. There are malaria free areas in the country such as in the Eastern Cape, which makes this an ideal destination for less experienced travellers and families.

Seeing London on a Primary School Trip

A primary school trip to the largest city in the United Kingdom is an exciting way for children to experience its heritage and culture first hand. Founded by the Romans, its history dates back over two thousand years and it has remained an epicentre of art, business, culture, finance, education and entertainment ever since. London can boast four UNESCO World Heritage sites in its centre and is home to a staggering variety of galleries, museums, theatres, and the world’s oldest underground rail network.

Best Way to Be Prepared With Hostile Environment Training

You might be new to travelling overseas? Take a look no further to get travel guidance and we will provide some valuable advice that we have gathered from personal travelling experience. One of several essential things to keep in mind prior to jetting off to a new county is to have a plan for the exact place you’re going to.

Hot Air Balloon Flight

Although most people are used to taking plane flights, there is yet another form of flight that is considered to be among the oldest and successful modes of flying. This is commonly known as hot air ballooning that is also categorized under balloon aircrafts. The hot air balloons draw their origins to 1782 are propelled by the different air currents at different altitudes which can enable the Pilot to steer in a much greater capacity than most people assume.

Best Destinations to Go to For Spring Break

Picturesque, untamed and culturally diverse, Malawi is a fascinating tourist destination that is dominated by the third largest freshwater lake on the African continent. Rich in culture, wildlife, arts & crafts and scenic beauty that varies from the hot, tropical low-lying Great Rift Valley to the majestic Shire Highlands, Malawi has retained its rituals, rites of passage and traditions creating a quintessential African experience untouched by the passage of time. Lying in the landlocked embrace of Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique in south east Africa, Malawi is easily accessed by air.

Things to See on a Primary School Trip to York

York is an ancient city in the northern part of the United Kingdom. Its rich history is visible in its medieval walls that surround most of the centre, and it makes a perfect place for those on a primary school trip to go to learn about the rich past of the city. Founded in 71 A.D. by the Romans…

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