Afternoon in Puerto Rico

Waterberg Plateau – Full of Life and an Event Not to Miss

The Waterberg Plateau was established as a national park in the early 1970s to act as a sanctuary for the eland, along with other rare and endangered species of the Caprivi region. In 1873 a Rhenish mission was established in the area, but was destroyed in 1880 by the ongoing Herero and Nama conflict.

Etosha National Park – The Number 1 Game Park in Namibia

In 2007, Etosha National Park celebrated its first 100 years of existence and continues to be one of Africa’s best game parks. Viewing Africa’s large game populations against the Etosha Pan backdrop is like no other experience found in Africa.

Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania

Selous is the largest wildlife reserve in the world, with a total area of around 54,600 km². The park got its name in 1922 after England conservation and big game hunter Sir Fredrick Selous. In 1982, Selous was awarded the title of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, matching the title given to the Ngorongoro Crater 3 years earlier.

Exploring How You Can Renew US Passport Fast

Travelling internationally is something people do every day. Thankfully you do not have to renew US passport fast every day as well.

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

The most famous National Park in the whole world is the Serengeti. This very popular honeymoon and holiday destination has not received such a good reputation and visitor rate for nothing, so let me take you through a few of the major selling points of the fantastic Serengeti National Park. The park caters for a wide selection of animals due to its variety of different eco-systems, from tropical swamps, where hippos bask lazily, with some cover from the shade of palm trees, to traditionally African Acacia trees dotted around.

Beach Adventures During Your Newquay Holidays

Cornwall boasts its world class beaches and coves that are very accessible from your Cornwall holiday cottages. If you want to enjoy some water sports activities from your Newquay holidays, you can go to the place and experience the attractive resorts of the Cornish coast.

Endless Ways to Experience Cornwall Adventure

Cornwall holiday cottages are very popular among tourists. The lavish accommodations and the modern facilities ensure the convenience of the guests. Because of the accessibility to different tourist spots, the Cornwall holiday cottages are the first choices of visitors when they think of their accommodations.

How To Obtain A Child’s US Passport Application

Looking to take a trip to another country and have a child that you want to take along? There are some parents who want their children to experience things that they never got to see.

How To Solve The Problem Of An Expired Passport

When you have plans to travel to any country outside of your own, you should always be careful to ensure that you have all of the appropriate documents. Despite this, there are many people who will make the mistake of allowing their documents to expire before or after they travel internationally.

Rajasthan Wildlife the Call of Wild Nature

Wildlife sanctuaries are among the most popular attractions Rajasthan Tourism. These wildlife reserves have its own spellbinding feature of varied flora and fauna which provides ultimate thrill and excitement to visitors.

India and Thailand Tours, Fun Unlimited

India is country which is diverse in culture and vivid in geography. There are a lot of options in this country for those people who wish to travel and explore new places.

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