Adventure to Mar Chiquita!

Beaches of the Northern Caribbean

There are four sub-regions of the Northern Caribbean, and these are: 1) Florida and the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, 2) Bermuda, 3) Bahamas, 4) Turks and Caicos. The northern reefs of this territory are outside the realm of the Caribbean Basin and are an area of biological interest to many scientists because of its location that covers the outer boundaries of the distribution of many various types of coral reefs.

Canoeing, Whitewater Rafting And Other Watersports In Canada

Native Canadians perfected the canoe to maneuver around the country’s vast system of waterways for food and survival; today canoeing is a largely recreational pursuit. In provincial or national parks with many lakes and rivers, canoeists can portage (or trek) to the backwaters, getting away from the most populated areas at a gentle pace.

Handbook Traveling – Lost in a Jungle Part 2

In the first part of the article series “Handbook Traveling”, I have already mentioned about how to deal with the problem of being lost in the jungle but nobody know to find you. I have suggested some ways that you can apply in order to find the best way to get out of the jungle maze. In this part, the situation is that you are lost and somebody figure it out and organize a search to find you; but it does not mean that you stay still and just wait for those people. Hence, what should you do??

Life in Cambria, California

Life in Cambria, California is spectacular. There is no place on earth like this little community located on the Central Coast of California. If you are looking for a vacation destination Cambria is a great choice. The area around Cambria has many attractions, including the number one attraction, Hearst Castle. I hope you enjoy this little tid bit about Cambria, California.

Interesting Facts About Jamaica

Jamaica Is located in the northern Caribbean and its size is 4,411 square feet. Its highest point is The Blue Mountains. It has 14 parishes and a population of approximately…

India – Canoeing and Kayaking Adventurous Activities

Canoeing & Kayaking provides canoeing and kayaking tour to Himalayan Mountain, adventure vacation in the mountain range, canoeing and kayaking tour in whitewater and adventure holiday in Himalayas. Generally, the Indian canoeing kayaking travel tours offer these activities at cheap rates. Undoubtedly, Kayaking and Canoeing are few of the most fun-filled adventurous sports that need a massive physical labor skill.

Fiji Travel Guide: Top Things to Do

Fiji is located in the heart of Oceania, making it a mixing bowl of cultures in the South Pacific. It is an excellent place to be in for the sport minded, the ones who get thrilled crossing cultural barriers, and to those whose hearts and souls seek peace and serenity. Its many islands and sprawling cyan beaches coupled with different amenities provided by numerous resorts and hotels make one’s dream vacation a reality.

Relax Your Body and Soul in California

Taking a trip at the famous spa destinations in California can provide you with a venue that can be romantic, relaxing, or fun filled to revitalize your body and soul. Some of the best spa resorts that you can choose from are the Beverly Hills Hotel Spa, Spa Gaucin, Ritz-Carlton Spa, Spa Montage, and The Peninsula Spa, which all surround the state of California.

Swim With the Dolphins in Honolulu

A vacation in Honolulu is not complete until you have experienced the joy and amazement of swimming with the dolphins. These playful and gentle animals offer you a glimpse into their world and they will show you just how smart they really are.

Hong Kong’s Best at Stanley

Stanley market is a part of an old province in Hong Kong called Stanley. The place where Stanley Market is situated was previously a fishing village before the British colony invaded the land. This is actually the last stand of the troops before they surrendered to the Japanese forces. It is one of the famous major attractions in Hong Kong. Every day throngs of tourists visit this place not only to buy souvenirs but also to take a view of its wonderful scenery.

Botswana Wildlife Safari: Top 3 Reasons to Visit

Imagine a Botswana wildlife safari, the pristine expanse of bush-veld, flourishing with marauding untamed wildlife. This is the ideal definition of Botswana. Botswana’s Government has developed Africa’s best tourism models, a model that ensures both the country and its visitors come out on top.

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