A Storm of Manatees

Adventures in Costa Rica

Pura vida! Welcome to Costa Rica, amazing home of rainforests, volcanoes, beaches, big cities, and tiny hamlets. The people here are warm and friendly, and there is enough adventure for everyone. The culture is inviting, the scenery magnificent, and the weather is just right.

Kendal Castle, Museum and Parish

Kendal Castle is a fantastic place to visit, as it has beautiful grounds and lovely scenery and view over Kendal town. It is great to find out more about the castle and how it came to be there and of the famous person being Katherine Parr, the sixth and last Queen of Henry VIII. The Castle is great to enjoy a long walk on the tops or woodland area and once you’ve worked up an appetite then you can put a blanket down and enjoy a picnic and take in the scenery and Kendal views and fill your belly, whether it is with your family or just a romantic lunch for two.

Lancaster Castle and Surrounding Areas

Lancaster Castle is one of the most interesting places in Lancaster; although the building has been updated and had many changes over the years it has been standing for over 1000 years and holds many stories of witchcraft, death and crime. It was first recognised from the Roman times and when you are at the top it looks over Lancaster Town and the River Lune. All visitors of all ages will find it very interesting and learn a great deal of knowledge about the History of the castle and Lancaster.

Fly Fishing in Mendoza, Patience and Playfulness Mixed

In the region of Cuyo there are numerous streams, overflowing with rainbow trout and salmon pink. Estancia El Parral offers a unique opportunity to combine beautiful scenery, the thrill of the sport and gourmet food in a single trip.

Planning Exciting African Safari Tours

African safari tours are the vacation of a lifetime, exposing travelers to exquisite wildlife, white sand beaches, and architectural wonders. The wonders of East Africa await and this journey is something that will never be forgotten. Everyone should add African safaris to their bucket list and begin planning sooner rather than later. Surprisingly, this trip is relatively inexpensive, allowing it to become a reality earlier than planned.

Tamworth Is the Heart of the Country in Australia

Tamworth is on the world map as the home of the yearly Tamworth Country Music Festival. It’s an appropriate venue for this event. Everything about Tamworth and the surrounding region is classically country and has been ever since the first settlers moved in.

Wildlife Conservancies: Kenya

The extinction of species is a natural part of life on earth, but when humans “help” the process along by destroying habitats, food sources, or the environment, it is anything but the natural order of things. One of the earliest instances of wildlife conservancy came in 1907, when 15 bison were sent to the Wichita Reserve. This all-but-extinct American icon rebounded and once again became a symbol, this time for conservancy efforts. Nature should be allowed to take its course, but when we interfere, we have to help tip the balance back. Wildlife conservancies help do this.

The Adventure of a Lifetime: Camel Trekking in the Moroccan Sahara

Imagine sitting on top of a camel, trekking through the Sahara Desert just like the caravans of old. Silence surrounds you as the only sound is that of the camels’ cleft feet plodding along the soft sand. No matter where you look, endless stretches of sand confront you. Far from the stress of modern-day life, you enjoy the peace and tranquility of solitude. This is what camel trekking in the Sahara desert is about, and it is an excellent introduction to family adventure travel!

Sea Kayaking in Skye

Skye is most synonymous with the rugged hills and landscape of the Black Cuillins and the Trotternish peninsular at the north of the islands. In recent years it has become more and more popular with sea kayakers and for good reason.

Take South Africa Your Way With an Affordable Tailor Made Holiday Package

When action and adventure is headed your way, tailor made holidays to South Africa is the ideal escape to take what you want and have it your way. South Africa holidays include wildlife safaris, extreme sports packages, white water rafting and some of the most scenic beaches in the world ready to be picked and packaged to suit your lifestyle. Stay on top of your game and set your own pace, tailor made South Africa all inclusive holiday plans bring your the biggest savings and the freedom and flexibility to cut your own path to adventure.

3 Top Spots for Bird Watching Tours in South-East Asia

For those who want to mix their passion for travel, getting to know different cultures and enthusiasm for birding, it may be time to consider scheduling bird watching tours to Southeast Asia. Home to 15% of the earth’s avian species, Southeast Asia’s impressive biodiversity offers wonderful opportunities for sighting a great number of birds found only in this region. Watching tours to any of the several birding hotspots in the region are supremely rewarding with the numbers of species available.

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