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Journey To A Place Where Meat Never Goes Bad

In my many travels to northern Kenya, I have come across numerous coping strategies the locals have devised to concur and tame the harsh Kenyan north. But I suppose the most fascinating I have witnessed yet is their food preservation techniques.

Lake Turkana

Being one of the most saline African lakes, Lake Turkana (formerly called Lake Rudolph) and also known as the Jade Sea covers an approximate area of 240 km and an average 30 km wide. Its main tributary is River Omo which contributes 90% of the incoming water to the lake. This lake has no outlet and the water evaporates yearly at an approximate rate of 2,400 mm per year.

Day Trips Near Seville

If you’re staying in Seville there are some great day trips to be had if you fancy getting out of the city and heading to the beautiful old sites. Those interested in history will enjoy the ancient city of Italica and its historical Roman remains.

Designer Label Shopping in London for Tourists

When shopping for designer labels, there is no better place to do it than in one of the world’s fashion capitals. London is the perfect destination for a hotel shopping break; you can spend your days scouring the city’s numerous boutiques, vast shopping malls and even stylish and surprising markets, and when worn out, retire to an affordable London hotel. So, even if you plan on spending your cash on designer purchases, you’ll still be able to retreat to a fantastic cheap hotel, knowing that you got the best low price available!

Fun and Learning With Isle of Wight Attractions

While Isle of Wight holidays mean historic tours with its affluent heritage and culture that dates back to the Mesolithic period, it also is a time for the whole family to unwind and enjoy each other’s company. With tourism as the anchor of the economy, you can be assured that your Isle of Wight holidays will be one of the most pleasurably remarkable trips you will ever take.

Angola Tourism – A Closer Look at Namib

If you are looking to visit Africa for your vacation this year then there are a few places that you will for sure want to visit. The richness of Angola as well as the beauty it has to offer has so many tourist attractions for visitors and the fact that it is so close to Namib and the beautiful landscapes that this country boasts means that is a must see for anyone wanting Angola pictures of Namib desert pictures.

From Bananas To Flamenco – The Moorish Legacy

Imagine a world where you must use Roman numerals to add and subtract, where guitars have only four strings, and where the last course of a meal is served first. Be glad the Moors changed all that!

Himalayan Hill Stations

Himachal Pradesh is known as Deva Bhoomi according to Vedas. This beautiful state is situated in the lap of the Himalayas. The state has some of the best getaway destinations that are widely popular all over the country.

Three of the Most Beautiful Places in the World

If you are searching for the most beautiful places on earth then you stopped at the right place. This contains information and amazing facts about the most beautiful places on earth.

Deep Water Soloing – The Most Free Form Of Climbing

This free form of rock climbing is the perfect kind of thing for intermediate to advanced climbers. Now add more experience and test your skills with deep water soloing. Climb on golden limestone cliffs and cool yourself down by splashing into the water.

5 Key “A” Reasons Why Retirees Relocate to Panama

Where to settle down is ever at the forefront of many conversations as the Baby Boomer generation reaches retirement age at an increasing rate. There are many determining factors you need to consider when choosing a relocation destination in order to maximize your savings and minimize your stress. Assessments of your personality, personal, healthcare and housing needs, your tolerance level and adaptability to situations that do not always run smoothly, and your financial strength should be made in order to line up a potential country, and then a region within that country.

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